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Nursery and Receptions Adventure with ‘Jaws and Claws’

On Tuesday morning Reception and Nursery had lots of special visitors. Phil from Jaws and Claws brought some of his exotic friends for us to feel and hold whilst he told us lots of information about them. Did you know a Giant Africa Land Snail has its tongue on its foot?

The children (and staff!) were incredibly brave holding animals that can sometimes be thought of as scary. They got to see Ben the corn snake, Geoff the python, Terrance the tenrec, Whinnie the tortoise, Brian the Africa Land Snail, Buster the tree frog and Char-lie the bearded dragon!

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Some of the Year 5 and 6 children went to the Uckfield Grand Prix last Sunday to race our Go-Kart. They came second in the finals heat.

The children showed great sportsmanship and super speedy changeovers.

Well done racers!

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Treasure Island

Congratulations to the children for putting on an amazing production of ‘Treasure Island’. Thank you to all the parents for the help with the children’s magnificent costumes and for coming along to the production. Thank you for all your donations – an incredible amount of £256.52 - which will be used to buy staging for the next production.

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Some of our Year 6 pupils have been completing the ‘Bikability’ training course this week. They have had some sessions on the playground to build up their skills and have ventured out on to the roads of the village to complete tasks towards reaching Level 2. The children have enjoyed it immensely and have learnt to ride safely and responsibly on the road – a great skill to learn before moving on to secondary school!

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Year 1 and 2 Trip to Michelham Priory

We went back in time to the Stone Age on our trip to Michelham Priory! We did pretend hunting and gathering, visited a round house, planted seeds, made our own jewellery and clay pots! We also looked at different artefacts from the Stone Age and had a go at cave painting. We even relived a Stone Age burial ceremony. It was a brilliant day. Thank you to Mr Skelton and the parent volunteers for helping us all have a great day.

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Awe and Wonder Day – My Safe Place

Awe and Wonder day took place on Monday 22nd May 2017. All the children were in mixed year group teams and rotated around a carousel of activities. The theme was Safety. It included the children reflecting on their safe place and constructing their own safe place, sewing and using collage skills to create our safe church. We had PC Jackie with us all day talking about how to get help from emergency services, we made shields about how God keeps us safe and we learnt about Christian Aid’s work to ensure refugees have shelter, water and food. The day ended with a brilliant celebration in the church. All the children sung a song about safety and different children spoke about their learning. It was a great day, enjoyed by all and gave us all time to reflect and think about the world. Thank you to all the parent volunteers for helping us and for those who attended the celebration.

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Enterprise Week 15th – 19th May

During Enterprise week, each class was given £20 to spend on whatever materials they needed to create a product to sell at the end of the week. The challenge was to see which class could make the most profit.

Reception created their own Café for enterprise week. They looked at the different coins they would need to make the cost of tea, coffee and hot chocolate as well as the ingredients to make biscuits. They then worked in groups to make and decorate biscuits.

Year 1 and 2 designed, budgeted for and made Ladybird cakes. They had lots of fun and were really happy to make some money. Holly L said “I enjoyed making the cupcakes – especially the icing.” Darcy said “I enjoyed making cakes and doing the game of Guess the Weight of the Cake!” Lotte and Holly Z enjoyed adding the ingredients together to work out the total we needed to spend.

Year 3 and 4 designed and created cards for Enterprise Week. We asked our parents which cards they would find most useful to buy and then we made a range of Father’s Day cards.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and had fun selling them.

George, Year 4, says, “I had lots of fun using glitter and pom poms.”

Summer, Year 3, says, “I liked making cards and making a mess!”

Year 5 and 6 created ‘Bugs in Boots’ models to sell. We sold every single one of them and were amazed by the number of compliments we received for our creativity! We made posters and banners to advertise our stock and we had to budget for the materials that we needed – we spent our £20 budget on clay, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and spray sealant.

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The Daily Mile

We are participating in The Daily Mile.

The aim of the Daily Mile is to improve the physical, emotional and social health and wellbeing of our children – regardless of age or personal circumstances.

It is a profoundly simple but effective concept, which any primary school can implement. Its impact can be transformational- improving not only the childrens’ fitness, but also their concentration levels, mood, behaviour and general wellbeing.

Click here for more information & to see our school on the participation map.

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Towner Art Work to be shown at Eastbourne Carnival in May!

On Thursday 15th May 2017 John from the Towner Art Gallery came in to lead art workshops with Year 1/2 and Year 3/4 classes. Year 1/2 made jester masks using cross hatching technique to colour in and make them bright and colourful. Year 3/4 decorated umbrellas and used drawing and cutting techniques. Children from East Hoathly School will be invited to come along to Eastbourne Carnival and Parade with their art work. Further information about this will be shared in a letter soon. The children had a great time developing their artistic skills to create their pieces. Lotte said “Jessica was very creative in making her mask and had some great ideas for her jester mask.” It was really great to have a visiting artist share his ideas and skills. It was a very active session and the children were taken through the process step by step.

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International Link Day

On Monday 20th February, the Pioneer Federation celebrated their second International Day of the year with a focus on the country of Syria.

With so much attention being on Syria in the media at present, it was really lovely to learn about the country from its people. We were very lucky to have some visitors from the Syrian community, who spent the day with us.

Each class got to spend some time listening to Syrian music and also enjoyed listening to the Syrian children singing some of their traditional songs. They were so brave to stand up in front of all of us! The group then shared some Syrian dance moves and we all joined in with this!

We found out about food, art and dance in Syria. We had Zain, Nour and Hala visit us with their family and they did short speeches written in English all about Syria, their life now and what they miss. The children sung to us and taught us to ‘feel the beat’ and dance to traditional Syrian music. It was lots of fun.

Alongside this, each class took part in their own learning about different aspects of Syrian culture. Reception Class very much enjoyed tasting some middle eastern foods. Year 1/2 Class looked at Syrian Art and then created some of their own images. Year 3/4 Class made the school smell amazing by preparing and serving their own Syrian style salads and sharing them with the visitors to our end of day celebration. Year 5/6 Class really impressed the adults by joining in with the dancing and chatting so openly with the visiting children, sharing their own songs and some interesting moves! They then learnt about the Islamic religion and told us all about the ‘Five Pillars of Islam’ and created some posters about this.

It was wonderful to watch the enthusiasm and share the learning in the celebration assembly at the end of the day. Many thanks also to so many of our parents and carers for coming to share this with us.

Thanks also to Tom Serpell from the ‘Village of Sanctuary’ charity who inspired us to hold this day and used his contacts to arrange our visitors. Also thanks to Nadine Strasman from the Sussex Syrian group for her role in the organisation.

We had a fantastic day and all learnt about Syria. We have made a display of the children’s learning and experiences.

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Year 5/6 – Chinese New Year

We had a lovely afternoon on Friday, celebrating Chinese New Year! We ate prawn crackers and talked about how people celebrate - we practised using chop sticks, and made lucky red envelopes with Chinese messages on the front. We started making Chinese New Year calendars, which will be making their way home soon!

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Mathematics Reasoning Morning

On Wednesday 25th January we had Mathematics reasoning morning. This is our Mathematics focus this year! All classes had a whole morning involving problem solving and reasoning activities where the children had to use skills and explain their answers. Year 4 then joined Year 5 and 6, Year 3 joined Year 1 and 2 to buddy up and share their exciting learning. The children really enjoyed themselves and evaluated the morning the next day.

Here are some comments from the children:

Year 1 and 2 – Addition and Subtraction reasoning questions

“We learnt how to solve some problem solving questions.” Lola Y2

“We worked out the answers to problems with addition and subtraction.” Daisy Y1

“I liked seeing Matthew’s work he did on fractions.” Louie Y1

“I enjoyed it. Please can we have a whole year of just Maths?!” Oscar Y2

Year 3 and 4 – Fractions problem solving

“I enjoyed looking for patterns in fractions.”

“I enjoyed working with others to solve problems.”

“I enjoyed sharing my work with other year groups.”

Year 5 and 6 – Murder Mystery Mathematics Problem Solving

“We were detective and we had to find out the answers to questions.” Eve Y6

“I enjoyed breaking the clues down to find the real culprit of the murder.” Emma Y6

“It was fun because it was really hard game and mystery to solve.” Coen Year 5

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E-Safety Day

Children from the Pioneer Federation took part in an E-Safety Day on Thursday 12th January.  They learnt what the acronym ‘SMART’ stood for and how it could help them to be more safe when using the internet.  The children learnt how to use Hector the Dolphin (on the screen of every laptop).   Here are some photos of the children in action; some examples of e-safety posters and displays of how the posters are being shown in every classroom.

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Victorian Day

This week, in Year 5/6, we had a Victorian Day! We spent the day dressed as Victorians and behaving like Victorian school children. We had Victorian style lessons and learnt about what daily life was like for children in Victorian classrooms.

We learnt that Victorian teachers were very strict!

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Healthy Living Week

This week has been Healthy Living week (31st October- 4th November) the children have been involved in activities between both schools to raise awareness of how to stay fit and healthy. This has included exploring healthy eating, healthy bodies and hygiene. On Tuesday 1st of November we had the ‘Skip 2 B fit’ company visiting our school. On Wednesday 2nd November the children used their own toothbrush and a disclosing tablet to find out how to make sure they clean the different areas of their teeth. Mrs Tarry visited Reception and Years 5 and 6 to talk about keeping teeth clean. Mrs Rattray visited Year 1/2 and 3/4 and talked about her role as a GP. She shared some the equipment she uses, talked to the children about red and white blood cells, explained some of the different illnesses people get and some of the special words she uses (like „suture‟ rather than „stitches‟). Thank you to both parents for coming in. The children learnt a great deal.

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India Day

On the 20th October Chiddingly and East Hoathly Schools celebrated their first International Day with a focus on India. We enjoyed many activities in our classes, learning about the country and widening our experience of other cultures. We were very grateful to Mrs Fox  who visited us and shared her experiences and photos from her charity visit to India. All of us learnt about how life in India is very different and enjoyed the interesting talk.

Activities in classes were really hands on, with food tasting, observing Indian artefacts, painting gods and goddesses and Rangoli Patterns.

In the afternoon, each class had so much fun learning Bollywood Dance routines with the ‘Bollywood Belles’. We really enjoyed performing these to the parents and carers in the special assembly at the end of the day.

Many thanks also to all the parents who brought in items from home to support the learning.

Well done everyone for a fantastic last day of term!

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Awe & Wonder Day

On Monday 23rd May 2016 we had a very exciting Awe and Wonder day with the theme of ‘Our World’. The idea of this day was to allow children to be reflective and have time to express their thoughts and feelings about our world. The children spent the day in mixed age groups with children from Reception to Year 6 together. Activities for the day included making a giant mosaic of the world, forest school activities, growing area activities, singing and felting. We had visitors from the community, parents and carers who came to school and shared experiences with us. A huge thank you to all of those who made the day a success.

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Multicultural Arts Week

We started Term 2 with a flurry of colours, arts and culture with each class ‘travelling’ around the world to look at and explore different cultures. During PE all classes explored traditional music from their country’s culture, creating dances and freeze frames.

Reception enjoyed discovering the Story of ‘Rama and Sita’ and understanding the celebration of Diwali, by making Divali lamps and acting out the story.

Year 1 and 2 flew to Mexico where they tasted different Mexican foods such as Nachos, dips and salsas. They then used pastels to draw Mexican artefacts.

Year 3 and 4 learnt about Anansi traditional folktales from Africa. They made shadow puppets and performed using these in a shadow theatre. The children also looked at the meanings of African masks and created their own.

Year 5 and 6 learnt about New Zealand through the story ‘Granny joined the All Blacks’. They learnt the Hakka, made mala masks and wrote their own stories.

We had a fantastic finish to our week when we spent the day with our Federation friends taking part in different workshops. All of the children were mixed up into six different groups with children from both Chiddingly and East Hoathly across all year groups.

The children enjoyed workshops where they learnt, Chinese writing, Spanish songs and World War 1 songs. They also took part in African Drumming with Cheikh from ‘Africa Arts Company’ and Greek Drama with Mr Jonson. The children then created ‘Natural Art’ in groups using objects found on the playground.

All the children and staff had a fantastic day and it was lovely to see so many parents celebrating with us at the end of the day.

Thank you to all the parents from East Hoathly for helping to transport the children to Chiddingly.

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Physical Wellbeing Day

Last Thursday we held our Science and Wellbeing Day. Throughout the day the children took part in a variety of activities to investigate about their bodies and how to stay fit!

At the start of the day the children enjoyed taking part in sports activities and even beat some members of staff at table tennis! The whole school then joined Miss Denney in the playground in a whole school aerobics and Zumba session! (Look on the website for a video of the school aerobic session which will be put up next week! Can you find yourself?)

After lunch every class took part in a yoga session!

“I liked doing yoga because it keeps you calm and relaxed and helps you think!” – George Year 3.

The infants spent the day looking at what happens to their bodies when they exercise and naming parts of their bodies and finding out how they work.

Year 3 and 4 starting the day by finding out about what their hearts do and their pulse rate. They then set up experiments to test their pulse rate during different activities and plotted their results on a graph.

“I found our heart beats about 80 times per minute and it gets faster when we exercise!” – Emilia Year 3.

Year 5 and 6 were investigating their lung capacity and how it changes.

“We did this really cool experiment where we had to breathe into a bottle in water and it measured your lung capacity. We had to make sure we did it properly otherwise we wouldn’t get good results” – By Rosie.

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