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Friendship – A Favourite Son Becomes a Slave

This week, some children in Owl Class performed in their own ‘Open the Book’ assembly for their class mates!

Before the pandemic, all of the children in the school looked forward to Wednesday assemblies as they were invited to watch and take part in a dramatised Bible story every week. It is lovely to see the children still taking part in acting out the stories for each other—even if the circumstances are a little different!

The children acted out the story of ‘‘A Favourite Son becomes a slave’ while focussing on the theme of friendship. The children discussed who was a friend to Joseph in the story. Owl Class said “We’ve learnt from the story to be kind and try and be happy for people around you and support them, rather than be jealous.” The children then discussed how the story could impact their lives and how the story could help them to be better friends.

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This term we are learning about the Christian Value of ‘Friendship’. We had a virtual assembly welcoming everyone back to school and have added to our spiritual journals by reflecting on what makes a good friend. Some of the ideas included supportive, kind, caring, understanding, fun and helpful!

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This term’s Christian Value is perseverance and through collective worship and RE lessons, we ask the children how they have shown these values throughout the week.

Abigail in Year 4 said “we showed perseverance at the Tennis competition by never giving up and by showing good sportsmanship to the other teams. We shook their hands and said well done.”

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This term’s Christian Value was courage and through collective worship and RE lessons, we ask the children how they have shown these values throughout the week.

Sara-Maria in Year 1 said “I will be brave doing the running race.”

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Using the Prayer Spaces

It is lovely to see the children using the prayer spaces to reflect on their week.

Matthew in Year 5 said “It’s nice to use the prayer space to pray to God and to have some quiet time.”

Abbie in Year 4 said ”I have shown courage this week by going to the tennis tournament. The tasks we had to do were really tricky but I had a go and we did quite well.”

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School Visions

Last Friday, the children  presented the work they had done in class about the School’s Visions.

Catherine in Year 2 has shown courage this week by “trying my best in running races, even though it might be hard.”

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As you may have seen, the outdoor prayer space has been set up.

The children are utilising the space to have time to reflect and have enjoyed the space with their friends.

This term, the Collective Worship theme is Courage. The children will be exploring this theme in their RE lessons and in assemblies, by seeing how we can link the theme to our day to day lives.

Matilda in Year 5 has shown courage this week by “helping new people with learning a dance. Helping people is easy for me to do but if they are people I don’t know very well, it can be a little scary because I don’t know their strengths.”

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Indoor and Outdoor Prayer Space

An indoor and outdoor Prayer Space have been set up for the children to use as a place of reflection and worship.

Thank you to the people who donated bits and bobs to make this happen.

This term, the Collective Worship theme is Courage. The children will be exploring this theme in their RE lessons and in assemblies, by seeing how we can link the theme to our day to day lives.

Parents/carers are invited to our Vision assembly on Friday 3rd May, where the School’s vision will be discussed and showcased by work the children have completed during the week.

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Easter Service

Our Easter Service on Friday 5th April was really great. Reverend Phil asked the children about the feelings of people at different times during the Easter story. Each class did a wonderful depiction of each part of the Easter story. Thank you to the families who came to join our service.

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Karen Bye Visit

This week, the school was visited by Karen Bye, our Diocese School Improvement Partner, who looked around the school and through the children’s RE books.

She was happy to see a lot of high quality work and fantastic learning in the books. She also enjoyed seeing our displays developing.


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Values Display

Come and see our new Values display! It links the values of our School Vision to verses and stories from the Bible.

Thank you to Miss Pitt for donating cushions and Mr and Dr Rattray for donating a sofa for the inside reflection space.

Mr Herdman will be painting it soon. We cannot wait to share the new space with you!

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Reflection Space

Watch out for a new display coming soon that will tell you more about the Bible links to our School Vision.

Thank you to people who have donated unwanted furniture to our Reflection space! We are looking forward to putting a photo of the completed area in the newsletter soon!

If you have unwanted blankets, cushions or any other knick-knacks that you would like to donate, please speak to Miss Purcell.

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Outdoor Prayer Space

We have moved our outdoor prayer space so that it is now round the side of the theatre. This is so that this can be a calm place to go for reflection and prayer.

Following Open the Book collective worship this week, Isabella said “We learnt about when John baptised Jesus and others. Open the Book always bring the Bible stories alive and I love singing the songs.”

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Our new Christian Value that we are exploring this term is ‘Compassion’.

Summer says “This means being really kind and thinking of others before yourself.” We will explore different aspects of this.

Each class has a spiritual journal. In these the children write how the Christian values have impacted on their lives.

All are welcome to have a look at the one that is on the Collective Worship display.


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Christian Aid

On Thursday 14th February, we had an assembly presented by Mark from the Charity ‘Christian Aid.’ We want to learn more about global Christianity so he was able to share this with us.

Mark shared that in the Gospels in the Bible, the second most important thing Jesus talked about was giving help and freedom to the poor. Mark explained that Christian Aid believe that Jesus wants  everyone to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

They aim to: stop poverty, help people and challenge things that hurt the poor. ‘Christian aid’ do this by creating projects that provide clean water by filtering and pumping water to villages. They help people after a crisis like an earthquake or hurricane to rebuild their houses. They also challenge people in power e.g. to use solar and wind power.

The reason they do this is to keep people safe and help them to survive. They want to follow Jesus’  example and believe that they should follow the Gospels and help the poor. This way the values of Christianity can spread around the globe.

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Open the Book

The children enjoyed Open the Book this week! The children saw a rendition of “Daniel in the Lion’s Den” and Zach in Year 5 said “my favourite part was when God sent angels to protect him.”

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Vision Afternoon

Following on from our Vision afternoon, we have put quotes from the children and photos up as part of our updated Christian Values tree. You are welcome to come and have a look!

The RE Council are working with Miss Purcell to create a prayer space in the library where children can go in for quiet reflection, writing prayers and having some calm time. If you have any spare fabric or cushions to add to this space, it would be much appreciated.

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Christingle Service

Next week, we will be looking forward to our Christingle Service.

While making their Christingles, the children will be learning about what each part of it means.

The service will be on Wednesday 19th December in the Church from 2pm.

We hope to see you there!

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Karen Bye Visit

Karen Bye from the Diocese visited our school this week. As a result of her visit, she said “the RE Council are good advocates for the school and are able to articulate the School’s vision and the Christian distinctiveness of the school and how it impacts on their lives. The children are keen to be more involved with worship and enjoy the ‘Open the Book’ session.”

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