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Gymnastics Workshop

All the children took part in a gymnastics workshop run by Gymnasts from Fun Abounds Gymnastic centre in Uckfield. The children learnt and practiced a range of skills and     movements singularly and in groups and pairs. They also watched videos of the types of movements and routines that competing gymnasts often complete.

Kallie in Reception said, “I got really good at doing a rolypoly – you had to really tuck your head in your legs.”

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Sports Crew and Play Leaders

8 children – mainly Year 5s have recently been trained to deliver games at break times & lunchtimes in a fun, safe and enjoyable manner for all children. They have all demonstrated a Growth Mindset to enable them to challenge themselves and support each other throughout their training (often referring to the 6Bs) to help them to succeed.

Mr D says that they could be the best group of Play Leaders that he has trained over the past 12 years and was full of positivity about the children. They were polite, respectful,  focused, keen to learn and were great ambassadors and role models for the school.

In fact he said they were ‘Outstanding’ – a huge accolade.


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Sports Crew

Meet this year’s sports and play leaders!

On Friday, they joined the team from Chiddingly to take part in a training day with Mr Dolton from St Mary’s. They completed lots of tasks, learnt new games and began to think about how to lead these with younger children.

They will be having one more session with Mr Dolton and they will be leading activities at lunch and playtimes. They will also be working with Miss Denney to develop a sporting competition calendar for the year.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

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Poppy’s Super Swimming

Poppy has recently competed in the Beacon Club Championships. There were many different races and Poppy raced the 200m front crawl, 100m front crawl, 50m front crawl, 50m metre backstroke and 100m backstroke.

Poppy raced against children in the 10 and under group and after some tense competition and a lot of perseverance, Poppy won 2 bronze medals and 3 ribbons, two for 5th place and one for fourth. Well done Poppy, we are so proud of what you have achieved! We look forward to seeing you in the Olympics!

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Hockey Tournament

A few days ago, there was a hockey tournament for Year 5 and 6 organised by Mr Lawrence. It was set on the playground and unfortunately, the weather was really cloudy! I played on a team with Zach, Sophia and Lucy. We nearly won!
It was really fun and we had good teamwork—which made it all the more fun!

There were many things to do, like scoring goals and dribbling the ball around the cones. After that, there was a relay and that was quite tense because it was really hard. The whole tournament ended with shaking hands and saying well done.

Write up by Matilda in Year 5.

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Football Tournament

Earlier this week, Mr Lawrence set up a football tournament for Key Stage 2. It was played on the field before lunchtime. I was on the orange team with Danny, Pearl, Poppy, Archie and Jessica.

In the final, the orange team played the pink team. The game was really fun and it went by really quickly! We ended in a draw, which meant in order to find the winner of the tournament, we had to take part in the dreaded penalty shoot-out.

I took the first penalty and scored. In total the orange team scored three out of three on penalties and the pink team scored two—which meant the orange team won the tournament!

Write up by William in Year 6

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Golden Mile Challenge

As you know over term 5 we asked you get out and active and record how many miles of exercise you completed. Thank you to all the   children who took part in recording their activity and sending in their golden mile record sheets. We have totalled up the miles from the cards we  received and have completed a total of 78.4 recorded miles across Term 5.

The year group with the most miles was Year 2, with an impressive 52.7miles!

We would like to give a special mention to Jake in Year 2 who recorded all his journeys to and from school for the entire 5 weeks! What great perseverance!

A big thank you to all that took part, we hope you enjoyed getting out and active, keep up the good work!

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Year 3 & 4 Tennis Tournament

This week, several children from Year 3 and 4 went to the Tennis final, after their win in Term 5. They played very well—despite the rain! They all showed incredible perseverance and great sportsmanship.  Well done Year 3 and 4!

Thank you to all of the adults who organised the event and helped support it!

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Sports Day

Sports Day this year was a fantastic sunny day filled bean bags, hoops, dribbling, hurdles and races.

We would like to thank all the parents, friends and family who joined us for a lovely picnic and for supporting the children throughout the afternoon. There was a real buzz of enjoyment in the air.

The children all worked incredibly hard in the lead up by practising the different sporting skills and they showed these off on the day.

The winning team was Red Team with a total score 1,415 points!

Well done to all the adults who took part in the adult races, the children loved watching these.

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Year 5 & 6 Football Tournament

The ‘Alfriston Primary School Football Tournament’ is in its second year and was set up as a ‘post SATs’ event for Year 6 students. East Hoathly were invited to take part and as we are obviously a small school Year 5 children were also invited to take part.

Ten teams were invited and were divided into two pools of five. East Hoathly started well, winning our first match 1-0.

The team were tested early on in the second match as they went down 0-1 to an early goal but they fought back and won 2-1.

They continued to play well for the next two games winning 3-0 and 4-1 which meant that they finished top of their pool and were through to the semi-finals.

They faced Lewes Old Grammar.

Obviously as the team had now progressed through to this stage the opposition was becoming tougher and they went 0-2 down. However, once again they all kept their heads up, encouraged each other and worked as a team to come back and win 3-2.

We had made it to the final!

We faced the hosts, Alfriston. The game, between the two best teams on the day, was always going to be tight and this certainly was the case with the score 0-0 at full time. With no extra time at this level of the game, it was straight to the (dreaded) penalties.

A nerve racking end to the game for both teams and, of course, for the goalkeepers and the penalty takers.

It was a proud moment for them all, including Mr Lawrence (the new Gareth Southgate) and Miss Purcell (who I thought was going to faint under the pressure of a penalty shoot out) as we won 4-3.

There were, obviously, some amazing individual performances on the pitch but it would not be right to highlight them because this was a team effort and all in the spirit of East Hoathly School ‘Vision’.

Reported by Mr Skelton (Matthew and Harry’s Grandad).

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Year 3 & 4 Tennis Tournament

There was fantastic displays of sportsmanship and teamwork during the games. We can see you worked really hard—well done!

Those medals go very well with those victorious smiles! We are already looking forward to the final and to seeing how you get on there!

Well done Year 3 and 4, we are all very proud of you!

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Year 3 & 4 Football Tournament

On Thursday 4th April, the incredible Year 3 and 4 football team played 5 tense matches on the Lewes 3G pitch.

Their first match was against Wallands who they beat 1-0 thanks to an excellent goal by Maxym and some brilliant goal-keeping by Hector.

Next up, they played the undefeated Ringmer and lost 3-0. However, it wasn’t over yet as their next game was against South Malling who they beat 4-0. Darcy and Florence really got stuck in during this match and we saw some great defence from Luke and Oscar.

Our penultimate match was played against Western Road and after a strong start, they eventually beat us with a very respectable 4-2. This match saw Holly Z as the goalie, where she did some spectacular saves!

With all to play for our final game was against Southover, which we won! Louie was on fire with his passing technique, Jack did some excellent defending and Oscar tried his hand at goalkeeping.

Overall a great team who worked hard and played well together. We came third out of six teams and narrowly missed being in the semi-final. Well done Year 3 and 4! You all displayed great communication, team work and sportsmanship!

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Year 5 and 6 Swimming Gala

On Thursday, Pioneer took two teams to the Ringmer Cluster Schools Swimming Gala. A team from East Hoathly and a team from Chiddingly competed against each other and eight other schools in our local area.

The swimmers from Year 5 and 6 competed in individual 25 metre swims, individual 75   metre swims and team relays of 75 and 100 metres, using different swimming techniques. The teams were split into two heats and then the races were timed and put into fastest order. These scores were then added together to work out the winning team.

Our team of swimmers showed an exceptional level of sportsmanship by cheering on their team mates and calming each other’s nerves. The swimmers were speeding through the races with some coming first, second, third and fourth in their heats. As a team, East Hoathly came 5th and Chiddingly came 7th overall.

It was so lovely to see how our children stepped up to the competition, supported each other and had fun! I would like to say thank you to our parents for supporting us with loud cheers and providing travel arrangements that allowed the children to take part!

Well done team!

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Sam’s 3rd Place Success

We have been following Sam’s progress as he has competed in his gymnastics competitions.

Last weekend he, once again, represented East Hoathly at the National Finals of the British Schools Gymnastics Association.

He had to travel up to Birmingham, where he met over 500 other children from all across the UK, who were competing.

In Sam’s group, there were 30 children in between Year 1 and 6. They all had to perform two routines in front of judges and a rather large audience!

Sam totally smashed it and back flipped his way into an incredible 3rd place!

Well done Sam! All of that hard work has paid off! We’ll look forward to seeing you in the Olympics in a few years time!

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Catherine’s Sports Awards

Catherine has been a very busy bee! Not only has she achieved an award in gymnastic, but she has earned a badge for her swimming too!

Catherine achieved a Level 7 in her gymnastics proficiency. In her swimming, she has worked hard to get her 25m badge! That’s a lot of badges, Catherine!

Well done, we are very proud of you!

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Second place for Sam!

Before the Christmas break, we found out that Sam, in Year 2, had represented East Hoathly as he competed in a trampolining competition. After some great routines, he picked up a trophy for third place.

Last weekend, Sam competed at the Schools Southern Zonal competition, where the top three gymnasts from each county met at Eastleigh. Sam was in a group of 19 boys and not only did he come 2nd place - he’s qualified for the finals, too!

East Hoathly school will be represented by Sam at the National Finals in Birmingham next half term!

We are all very proud of you, Sam! Keep it up!

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Congratulations, Elsie!

Elsie in Year 5 has been very busy over the past few weeks. When she isn’t at school, she spends two of her evenings swimming for Lewes Swimming Club.  Every year, they run club championships and at the end of 2018,  Elsie came 3rd in the 9 years and under category!

She took part in a sprint meet - which are races of 25 or 50 metres - and she achieved medals in every event she took part in! These include a gold medal for 25m and 50m breaststroke and a bronze medal for 25m back stroke!

February promises to be a busy month for Elsie, as not only will she be attending an award ceremony for what she’s achieved, she will be representing Lewes again at an inter-club competition!

Well done and good luck, Elsie! We are looking forward to hearing how you do!

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Trampolining Competition

Sam in Year 2 took part in a trampolining competition over the last weekend. He represented East Hoathly school in the competition and he picked up a trophy as he came third!

Sam will be competing again for the school in January, at Eastleigh for the Southern Zone.

Well done Sam! We are all proud of you and are rooting for you!

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KS2 Basketball Competition

On Monday 26th November, Key Stage 2 took part in a basketball skills com-petition.

Each class was split into 4 teams and the teams took part in challenges to win points by passing, shooting and dribbling. The children were fantastic in cheering each other on and being supportive by giving coaching tips.

Some of the activities the children completed were: Basketball Golf - The children had 4 different ‘tees’, to shoot at the hoop and for each basket scored they scored a point.

Ball in the Ring - This is a ‘piggy in the middle’ style game but with a ring of children passing the ball across a circle, whilst the opposing team try and stop them 1 at a time.

Dribbling Relay - Each team had to dribble through a series on cones and sit down when all team mem-bers had completed the challenge.

After completing their own year group challenges, the Sports Crew lead the Year 3/4 Competition alongside Mr Lawrence. It was a great afternoon and we look forward to the children participating in other sporting events like this across the year!

All of the children participating had a brilliant time, it was really great to see how they supported each oth-er, used their growth mindsets to keep going and have a go!

The Year 5/6 and overall winning team with a grand total of 74 Points was ‘The Year 6 Blue Team’ so a big well done to Jack, Archie, Ethan, George, Ruby Jean, Amelia, Charlie and Emilia!

The Year 3/4 winning team with a total of 57 points was ‘The Green Team’. Well done to Florence, Esther, Darcy, Abi, Oscar and Hector!

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Sports Crew

Meet our new Sports Crew.

Sports Crews are the primary school version of a school sport organising committee; the Sports Crews will take a lead role in encouraging others to be active.

The Sports Crew will be working with Miss Denney to plan, organise and run a range of sporting events across the year.

The Sports Crew members were nominated by staff and they then attended a training session at Hailsham Community College last week to become official ‘Sports Crew Level 1 Leaders’. This means they will be confident to lead activities and events within school.

During the training, the crews from East Hoathly and Chiddingly worked together to develop their skills and roles. In training, they took on the role as leaders and ran mini competitions for each other to practise their new skills.

The East Hoathly Sports Crew said Chiddingly “were great at giving clear instructions,” and Chiddingly Sports Crew commented that East Hoathly were “great at demonstrating and giving time warnings.”

The Sports Crews were given official ‘School Games’ t-shirts and they will be   wearing them during key events across the year, so keep your eyes out for up coming events!

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Sports Day

On Wednesday 4th of July, we all enjoyed Sports Day! The children cheered on their coloured teams in a variety of activities.

We then had the flat races, where the children and adults raced up to the finish line!

Well done to the Yellow Team for winning the event overall! It was great to hear and see such incredible support and sportsmanship from all children.

Well done to the adults below for winning the adult races:

Mr Medrow Male Parent Race
Sarah Wright Female Parent Race
Verity Ladies Staff Race
Mr Procter Male Staff Race

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the event and the family picnic! Thank you to the FPTA, who provided refreshments throughout the morning.

Also, a big thank you to the adults who organised and helped.

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Athlete Visit

On Thursday 28th of June, Aidan Sayers – a GB 100M sprinter – taught us some fast paced sprinting techniques. He talked about the importance of not giving up and always trying your best in all areas of life, not just sport! His journey to achieve his goals was one filled with lots of injury and set backs. He talked about his confidence and growth mindset, which allowed him to keep going and achieve his dream of being a professional athlete. The children loved talking to him so much, he had to be rescued at lunchtime!

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Year 3 & 4 Tennis Competition

On Wednesday the 6th June, 8 children from Year 3 and 4 went over to Gildridge Park for the Area Finals of the Road to Eastbourne Tennis Competition. They competed in many different tennis activities in the first part of the afternoon against other schools scoring points for East Hoathly.

As the afternoon progressed, some children were chosen to play small sided games against different children from other schools. After all of the games had been played, the points were added up together and the winners revealed.

This is such an amazing achievement for the school as they manged to finish second! All the children were brilliant, had great sportsmanship and were a huge credit to the school. We are so proud of what they have managed to achieve in the last two competitions! Hopefully next year they can go one step further! Congratulations and well done for representing East Hoathly in such a brilliant manner!

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FPTA Fun Run

On Sunday the 27th May, East Hoathly FPTA organised a family fun run. There were two routes around the village and pavilion fields of 5k and 1k. Lots of children and adults took part from the school and local community. All of the runners took part in a warm up lead by ‘Osteopathy for All’ and then set off on the route which, included going through fields, over sties and along paths. A staff team from East Hoathly and Chiddingly took part and really enjoyed running alongside the children. It was a fantastic morning with a real community atmosphere and we are hoping to run the event again next year!

A special well done goes to Toby Cherry who was the 1st child to complete the 5K route and came 4th overall.

We would like to thank Anna from the FPTA for introducing this new event and for all her hard work in organising it. The event managed to raise an impressive £635.23! The FPTA and school staff would like to say a big thank you to all that took part and to the children who gave up their time to help with the setting and clearing up after the event.

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Year 3 and 4 Tennis Competition

On Thursday the 10th of May, seven children from Year 3 and 4 went to Southdown Tennis Club in Lewes and we joined by children from Chiddingly School as they competed in a range of skill based games.

Maxym in Year 3 said “We had lots of fun with the skills trials and were proud to represent our school. We won and we can’t wait to go to Eastbourne!”

When they came back, the children were very excited to tell us that they won! Well done East Hoathly! We look forward to your next game in Eastbourne.

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Year 5 /6 Swimming Gala

On Monday, Pioneer took two teams to the Ringmer Cluster Schools Swimming Gala. A team from East Hoathly and a team from Chiddingly competed against each other and four other schools in our local area.

The swimmers from Year 5 & 6 competed in individual 25 Metre swims, individual 75 Metre swims and team relays of 75 and 100 metres, using different swimming techniques. The teams were split into two heats and then the races were timed and put into fastest order. These scores were then added together to work out the winning team.

Our team of swimmers showed an exceptional level of sportsmanship, cheering on their team mates, swimmers from Chiddingly and other swimmers in the pool. They also showed how they have developed their growth mind sets in trying something new and giving their best efforts. As a school and team, this is the first swimming gala many of them have ever attended.

As a team East Hoathly came 6th and the pupils have a new found interest in swimming competitively. As a teacher on pool side, I was so proud of how our children stepped up to the competition and thankful to our parents for supporting us with loud cheers and providing travel arrangements which allowed the children to take part!

Well Done Team!

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Table Tennis Tournament

We showed great Growth Mindset in our table tennis tournament against Chiddingly today. We won every game and Leo and Luke were in the final.  Congratulations to Luke for being the overall winner. Our team mates were great competitors and everyone gave each other brilliant encouragement. What a team – Luke, Leo, Aidan, Oscar, Coen and Ethan R! Well done!


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Sports Day

We held our annual Sports Day on Tuesday 4th of July and it was a fantastic morning! The children were incredibly supportive of each other and worked really hard when completing the activity carousel and flat races!

Well done to the London Eye house team for winning the overall day!

We would like to say a big thank you to the FPTA for providing ice lollies and refreshments and to our volunteers who helped to run activity stations!


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Football Tournament

Written by the players:

“On Tuesday 16th May, we went to Sussex Downs Leisure Centre and played a 7-a-side football tournament against 6 other teams. We were a joint team with Chiddingly the Pioneer dream team! We had a fabulous day playing football against other schools. It was good to be able to join up with our friends from Chiddingly School. We drew three games out of four. Some amazing saves were made by Coen but sadly we lost 1-0 due to a rebound off the goal post. A great day was had by us all!”

Players: Leo Tarry, Coen Parkhouse, Oscar Bunney, Tyler Crisford, Harvey Taylor.

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Cross Country at Ringmer

Some pupils went to a Cross Country event at Ringmer School on Friday 18th November. It had been a drizzly day so the ground was wet, but we persevered through the mud! We ran about 1.6km, which felt really far. Everybody finished the race and our team came 6th in the Girls’ race and 7th in the boys’ race. We were really pleased!

Well done to all of our runners for pushing themselves and embracing the challenge!

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Hockey Match – Chiddingly v East Hoathly

On the 19th October we held a competitive derby match. It was a close fought clash with both sides showing a good standard of play as well as great sportsmanship and discipline.

Year 3&4: Chiddingly 5 – 2 East Hoathly.

Year 5&6: Chiddingly 4 – 2 East Hoathly.

Special mention

Player of the matches from East Hoathly – Teddy Wren and Coen Parkhouse.

Keep an eye out for upcoming fixtures between the two schools in the near future.

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Uckfield Grand Prix

East Hoathly and Chiddingly schools will be taking part in the Uckfield Grand Prix event this year on Sunday 17th July. This event is an annual electric car grand prix which involves Year 5 and 6 children building and decorating their own 24 volt Greenpower Goblin kit car and then working as teams to compete in heats and races. A letter and further details will be sent out nearer the time.

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Chess Match

On Tuesday 3rd May at 2.30pm, children from the chess club were selected to play to represent East Hoathly against Lewes Old Grammar school. Daniel Longley, Luke Cave, Alfie Gibbons and Robert Rattrey played well against the 4 players from the competing school. Mr Stockham, who arranged and supported the event, oversaw the matches. Overall, East Hoathly came away winners of the afternoon! Well done to all competitors for their chess matches as well as their good sportsmanship that they showed throughout the matches. So it would seem East Hoathly will progress to the Primary Cup Finals on 17th May.

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Sussex Junior Chess

Sussex Junior Chess is a not for profit organisation run by volunteers which exists to promote and popularise chess amongst school age children in the county.

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Chess Achievements

At the recent Chess Academy event held at Uckfield Community College, East Hoathly school had a team of four, with Abbie Simmons and Luke Cave both doing well. Sam Simmons took part for the first time and won his Year 2 group medal and Daniel Longley won his Year 6 group medal with a good score of 3.5/6 and coming 7th out of 20 children entered.

East Hoathly school were placed third out of the nine schools taking part overall, but were second amongst the primary schools.

Well done to the East Hoathly chess players!

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Benchball Tournament

On 26th January 2016, six of our students represented our school in a Benchball competition. They were accompanied by Mrs Burns who said they showed excellent sportsmanship. There were 6 other schools who took part and we played 3 games against Laughton, Firle and Framfield. Overall, we came 3rd in the whole competition and really enjoyed the tournament!

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Universal Dance

Universal Dance Company based in Uckfield visited the whole school on Friday 22nd January 2016. The day started with an assembly which got the children thinking about the different types of dance there are and the types of moves that you do in all dance. Throughout the morning, the classes had taster sessions, having a go at street dance! All the children did very well, having lots of fun while learning about a different type of dance. During the day, Universal Dance reiterated that dance is about expression and enjoyment but also it's about staying fit and healthy too! The children of East Hoathly exclusively get two free sessions to any of the Universal Dance clubs which includes musical theatre!

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Marathon Run News

Many thanks to all the parents who sponsored Mr Procter for running the marathon last weekend. The money raised will go towards the FPTA projects.

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Football Match – East Hoathly CE Primary School v Chiddingly Primary School

On Monday after school there were two football matches played against Chiddingly School split between Key Stage 1 & 2 pupils. The Key Stage 1 game was won by East Hoathly 5-0, a well organised team with each member of the team playing their part. The goals were scored by Zach Medrow (3), Alfie Baker (1) and Aidan (1).

The 2nd game was a much tighter affair ending up 5-5. East Hoathly took an early lead, were pegged back and then showed great strength to come back to earn the draw. The goals were scored by Teddy Wren (2), Luke Cave(2) and Jack Wren (1).

The matches were enjoyed by all. We had a total of 20 pupils representing East Hoathly. A special thank you must go to all the parents and pupils who came along to support. The games will be repeated and we are looking to expand to play other local schools.

James Medrow - Parent and Governor

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