Forest School Update 8th February

This week in Forest School, Year 5 and 6 used their artistic skills to create an owl sculpture out of clay. The children then came back to the classroom and had a wonderful surprise! Mrs Smith had    organised for owl experts to come in and talk the children. Not   only did the visitors deliver a range of fascinating owl facts, he brought Rusty the Tawny owl to school for the children to see too! Rusty enjoyed being stroked by the children and showing off his flying skills around the classroom.

Teddy in Year 6 said, “Rusty is very soft and can turn his head 270°.”

Poppy in Year 5 said, “There are different breeds of owls. Rusty is a Tawny owl and he is really cool because he can blend in with trees.”

Thank you Mrs Smith for such an exciting and informative Forest School session! Thank you to  Graeme Ward and Owen Lait, from Knockhatch, for teaching the   children about owls like Rusty!