Sports Week

WOW, what a week! We have all experienced a different sporting workshop each day – even the teachers got involved too! There have been so many comments from parents and children about how much they have enjoyed this week, please fill in the comments sheet the children have brought home. All the workshops have been offered by our local providers in the hope that if interested the children can branch out and continue learning the sport.

On Monday, we were joined by GB Athlete Mercy Brown who is a bronze weightlifting medallist. She shared her sporting journey and talked to us about not letting setbacks stop us from achieving our dreams and goals. We then warmed up with plenty of squats to get our muscles warm, before we practiced lifting moves!

On Tuesday, it was street dance day, we brought our funky moves and attitude to the village hall and created our own dance shows after learning some key breakdancing moves like the ‘Corkscrew and W drop’!

On Wednesday in Ballet, we learnt about happy pointy toes and how to use our core muscles and strength to pile and releve. We also discussed the importance of core strength and balance for other sports and how ballet can enhance this.

“We did lots of different sports. We are trying to make ourselves as fit as possible. One of the athletes showed her growth mindset and how she didn’t give up which is important so you can always keep trying and you get to reach your goal and do better things.

She told us 3 top tips: 1) Train hard 2) Work hard 3) Listen to others.” – George, Year 5

“I loved it, it was really fun. I really liked the ballet, street dance and the tennis. Did you know healthy foods give you energy for running and doing sports?” – Sara, Reception

On Friday, we had double workshops with golf in the morning and calming yoga in the afternoon.

Across the week, we also walked to the local tennis courts where there were tennis balls everywhere! We learnt how to stand in the ready position and perfect our forehand shot.

Throughout all the sessions we thought about the importance of physical exercise and healthy eating to keep us fit.

We would like to thank the local coaches we used to provide the workshops. If you would like any more information about the clubs and sessions they provide you can download leaflets and find links to their websites below:

Ballet Ballet Information
Street Dance  Universal Dance
Little Mix Dance Camp 2018
Disney Dance Bootcamp 2018
Tennis  Easter Tennis Camps 2018
Golf  Junior Golf Academy 2018

“It has made me think about being fit and doing exercise. It’s really important to keep moving and eat healthy foods.” – Abigail, Year 4