Who’s Who

whos_whoWho's Who

Mr Procter is the Executive Headteacher of East Hoathly CE Primary School and Chiddingly Primary. His time is divided between the two schools. Miss Lewis is Deputy Headteacher in Mr Procter’s absence.

As well as the Headteacher there are four full-time teachers and a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) who works one day each week. There are also trained Teaching Assistants in all classes. In addition we have visiting staff for musical tuition.

Although children spend the majority of their time with their class teacher we feel it is important that they know and work with other members of staff. This helps the children to associate themselves with the school as a whole and also enables us to make the most of particular staff talents. We value the contribution made to the school by the non-teaching staff. These include our bursar, the cook and her assistant, the caretaker and the lunchtime mid-day supervisory assistants, some of whom are also Class Teaching Assistants.


Primary School Staff

Name Post Held
James Procter Executive Headteacher
Vicky Lewis Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs S Levey Inclusion Manager
Miss S Denney Reception Teacher
Mrs E King Y1/Y2 Teacher
Mrs E Pattenden Y3/Y4 Teacher (Mon, Tues)
Mrs E Mackarness Y3/Y4 Teacher (Weds, Thurs, Fri)
Miss A Dutton Progression Tutor/Secretary
Miss L Purcell Y5/Y6 Teacher
Mrs J Wicks Bursar
Miss B Moore Teaching Assistant
Mrs W Burns Teaching Assistant/Midday Supervisor
Mrs L Smith Teaching Assistant/ Midday Supervisor
Mrs Y Yates Learning Support Assistant
Miss K Smith Teaching Assistant
Miss E Hillier Teaching Assistant/ Midday Supervisor
Bobby Field Midday Supervisor
Mrs R Bhatti Individual Needs Assistant
Mr P Herdman Caretaker

Nursery Staff

Name Post Held
Dawn Poulton Nursery Lead
Verity Morris Lead Nursery Assistant
Rolanda Weller Nursery Assistant
Tracey Cleaver Nursery Assistant
Laura Pafflin Nursery Assistant