KS2 Basketball Competition

On Monday 26th November, Key Stage 2 took part in a basketball skills com-petition.

Each class was split into 4 teams and the teams took part in challenges to win points by passing, shooting and dribbling. The children were fantastic in cheering each other on and being supportive by giving coaching tips.

Some of the activities the children completed were: Basketball Golf - The children had 4 different ‘tees’, to shoot at the hoop and for each basket scored they scored a point.

Ball in the Ring - This is a ‘piggy in the middle’ style game but with a ring of children passing the ball across a circle, whilst the opposing team try and stop them 1 at a time.

Dribbling Relay - Each team had to dribble through a series on cones and sit down when all team mem-bers had completed the challenge.

After completing their own year group challenges, the Sports Crew lead the Year 3/4 Competition alongside Mr Lawrence. It was a great afternoon and we look forward to the children participating in other sporting events like this across the year!

All of the children participating had a brilliant time, it was really great to see how they supported each oth-er, used their growth mindsets to keep going and have a go!

The Year 5/6 and overall winning team with a grand total of 74 Points was ‘The Year 6 Blue Team’ so a big well done to Jack, Archie, Ethan, George, Ruby Jean, Amelia, Charlie and Emilia!

The Year 3/4 winning team with a total of 57 points was ‘The Green Team’. Well done to Florence, Esther, Darcy, Abi, Oscar and Hector!