British Values Day 2019

On Friday 18th October 2019, Pioneer Schools took part in a fun and enriching British Values Day as a way to celebrate and learn about the British Values. The children took full advantage of the opportunity to come into school dressed in red, blue and white to represent the British flag and the staff joined in too!

The children were organised into groups so that Reception and Year 1 and 2 worked together and Key Stage 2 joined up so that they could all take part in the different activities planned for the day.

To learn about the ‘Rule of Law’, the children explored the idea of rules and how they are there to ensure everyone is treated fairly. By looking at different fairytales, like ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’; the children could pick out characters who were not following the rules and discussed what happened to others’ feelings as a result. The children designed wanted posters for these rule-breaker characters and could  explain why they were on the wanted posters.

Joseph in Year 2 said “The wolf is wanted for breaking into Granny’s house and not looking    after people’s property.”

The children were also excited to receive a visit from two PCSOs. The children asked a lot of questions about what the PCSOs have to do to keep safe on their job and what they like most about their jobs. Samuel in Year 3 asked about what different types of police work there was. He learnt that there were different divisions that deal with different crimes, along with forensics and animals.

Using Google Earth, we looked at the location of ‘Great Britain’ and how it is a collection of islands. It was also interesting to see that the Union Jack is made up of all of the flags of the British Isles. Some of the children created their own maps, locating England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We then found where East Hoathly was within the British Isles and zoomed in on the school from above and could spot the playground and trim trail.

Theo in Reception said “The flag is white, blue and red.”

The children read the story of ‘It’s OK to be different’ by Todd Parr, which opened up lots of discussion about what creates our own personal identities, whether this be our eye colour, a    favourite hobby or a belief. The children looked into ’Mutual Respect’, ’Tolerance’ and ’Individual Liberty’ further when they compared their differences and spoke about how having differences doesn’t stop them from being friends with and caring for one another. The children created pictures about how different people can look and later shared them with one another.

Delilah in Year 2 said “It’s important to be kind to others because you might hurt their feelings.”

The children had an opportunity to be a politician for the session as they learnt about and practiced ‘Democracy’. The children were posed with the question “Should Key Stage 2 children be provided with free school meals?”. After huddling up and discussing their ideas, the children began to debate backwards and forwards with well constructed arguments in a really respectful way. They thought carefully about children who might need a hot meal and on the opposing arguments, where the money should be spent. It was incredible to see the children so passionate with their ideas, every child contributed to the debate and Jack C, the chairman, kept good records of the votes.

Sophia in Year 4 said “Democracy is about having your own opinion. We voted about if Key Stage 2 children should have free school dinners. We need to listen to others, even if we don’t agree.”

As a result of learning about the British Values, we have already seen the children demonstrating and applying their new knowledge in their classrooms and on the playground. The children really enjoyed learning about what helps create their identity and they now have a renewed respect for themselves as individuals, as well as for their peers and adults both in and out of school.