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Reception’s Fire Station Visit

On Wednesday, Reception from East Hoathly and Oak class from Chiddingly hopped onto the coach for a trip to Uckfield Fire Station.

The children were very excited for their first trip on a coach and the children had great fun spotting different objects from their windows.

When the children arrived, the first thing they noticed was that the fire station was covered in foam and quickly found out that the firefighters had been training that morning. The children went inside to the special firefighter cloakroom and learnt all about what firefighters do.

The most exciting part of the morning was when the children got to go into the fire engine and spray the hose!

Reception were brilliantly behaved and thoroughly enjoyed their experience! Well done! Thank you to all of the adults who came along and supported the trip!

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Wellbeing Week

Reception watched a clip of Moana and talked about how brave she was to go sailing. Then we talked about worries that sometimes stop us from being brave and  trying new things, so we made worry monsters that we could tell our worries to and once we did, we could then do something brave!

We also learnt a song about five brave fighters and thought about our visit to the fire station yesterday.

We talked about how we are brave in Year 1 and 2 with children saying they show bravery when they go to the doctors, once they held a snake and also when they down the big red slide at Drusillas! Miss Williams said she was too scared to go down that. Then when we went to Forest School the class then showed bravery, as a class we celebrated Sara's achievements as she tried new things which you can see if the photos!

On Tuesday afternoon, Year 3 and 4 children talked about being brave for Mental Health week.

They watched a video about Joseph Wang who had moved to England from China. He explained that even though he didn’t know the language, he built his confidence by being brave and making new friends. He also learnt the violin and tried other things that took courage and resilience.

The children then identified hobbies or skills they would like to try, like Joseph.

Next, the children designed a superhero who would inspire others with a positive motto.


Year 5 and 6 are very brave! They were able to talk about what they are good at and what they need to work on. They reflected on how to find their ‘brave’. They gave top tips to each other about how to be brave. They then drew or write in a box about how they find their brave. Mrs Healy was proud of how honest they were and what great  ideas they have to help each other.

Well done Year 5 and 6! If we talk about our problems then we can help each other to solve them.

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We have a developed a dedicated reading time during our school day. From 1.05-1.20pm each day, all children across the school (and lots of the grown ups!) will be spending time enjoying a book. This time allows the children to have a calm and peaceful start to the afternoon and also provides opportunity to develop their love of reading. Some children might be sharing a book with a partner, some might be reading with an adult and some will be reading independently.


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Reception’s Motorbike Visitor

Reception started their new topic with a very noisy visitor! On Tuesday they were greeted with a loud horn and the revving engine of a motorbike!

The children looked at and even got to try on all of the safety equipment and clothes that bike    riders wear, including a helmet and jacket and talked about the safety features such as padding and non-slip sections.

Then, was the best bit of the whole morning, they got to inspect the motorbike, we counted the number of lights, looked at the numbers and letters on the number plate and then found the warning horn! Some of the children were brave enough to sit on the motorbike and make the engine roar.

Kallie says “I liked going on the bike and the noisy beeping, the jacket has got special pads in to keep Mitchell safe and stop him from getting hurt.”

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Thank you for coming along to the Christingle service!  It was a delight to hear the children sing and read the prayers with such confidence! It was a beautiful service as always! Miss Lewis commented that “it is the best Christingle we’ve done yet!”

Thank you for your donations, the money will be counted and sent to the Children’s Society in the New Year.

Well done and thank you to the adults who organised the service and a special thank you to Mrs Dobbs, who organised the Year 4 children to sing in Latin.

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Gingers Dance Workshops

As part of our journey to enrich our curriculum with more physical activity experiences and further develops links with our local community, on Friday we were joined by Jade from Gingers Dance.

The morning started with a performance in the church from pupils who attend the dance after school club on Thursdays, a huge well done to Daisy, Bella and Myla for your fantastic performance.

Following the performance, each class had a session with Jade where they learnt a festive dance routine, explored different dance moves and were getting active and in the Christmas spirit.

"We learnt a new dance routine, I really enjoyed it because I learnt some new dance moves." Sara, Year 2.

If you would like anymore information regarding 'Gingers Dance' after school club, please contact Jade on 07595 363578 or see Miss Dutton in the office for the after-school clubs list.

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Reception & Year 5 & 6’s Carol Service at Lydfords

On Monday 16th, both Reception and Year 5 and 6 classes walked to Lydfords Care Home to sing some carols to the residents.

The children sang ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’, ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘Away in a Manger’. The residents enjoyed listening to the children singing and they enjoyed seeing the teachers joining in too.

This is an example of how the children are developing their knowledge of their local community and increasing their knowledge about cultural capital. We hope to visit Lydfords again later in the academic year!

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Sports Crew and Play Leaders

8 children – mainly Year 5s have recently been trained to deliver games at break times & lunchtimes in a fun, safe and enjoyable manner for all children. They have all demonstrated a Growth Mindset to enable them to challenge themselves and support each other throughout their training (often referring to the 6Bs) to help them to succeed.

Mr D says that they could be the best group of Play Leaders that he has trained over the past 12 years and was full of positivity about the children. They were polite, respectful,  focused, keen to learn and were great ambassadors and role models for the school.

In fact he said they were ‘Outstanding’ – a huge accolade.


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Santa Visit!

Santa took time out of his very busy schedule to pop into East Hoathly school and Nursery and give them some yummy treats!

The children were very excited to see Santa and were incredibly thankful for the treats he gave them.  Some of the staff were quite excited as well!

Thank you Santa for coming down from the North Pole to see us before your busy night! Thank you to our FPTA for supplying those lovely selection boxes and for supplying the Christmas crackers for the school’s Christmas dinner!

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Chiddingly Christingle Service

Thank you and well done to the  children from East Hoathly and Chiddingly schools who read Bible readings and prayers at the Christingle service at Chiddingly Church on Sunday evening. Sienna, Jesse, Jake, Dylan, Jake and Freya did a fantastic job. So many of the congregation commented on how brilliant they were.

It was lovely to see a number of other children from the schools attending the service too. What a lovely way to start the Festive season!

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Uckfield Late Night Shopping

A huge thank you to all of the children who attended the Federation Choir’s late night shopping performance in Uckfield on Friday. We took the biggest choir of the night and had the audience joining in and clapping along!

Miss Lewis was extremely proud of all the children! Thank you, too, to the many staff members who came to support the choir.

The performance was broadcast live onto Uckfield FM and you can listen back here:


We received the following message from the organisers of the event:

“Thank you all for the tremendous amount of time and commitment from the staff and pupils both prior to and on the evening.

From my experience, over many years, it was also the highest number of children on stage and also the number of people who were standing in Post Office Square, at least 2500 and more over the evening.

Fortunately, the rain mostly stayed away and it was a relatively warm evening for December. Thank you once again for making Friday night so special.”

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Year 3 and 4’s Trip to Hever Castle

Year 3 and 4 from East Hoathly and Willow class from Chiddingly went on a trip to Hever Castle, as a part of our topic – the Tudors.

After a very excitable coach journey, we set off and explored the castle. We looked at all its features including: silver armor, sculptures (some of the sculptures were dogs). There were tapestries and paintings, there was also a moat with swans and there was a big maze that we completed. Also there were swords and other weapons and we even got our photo taken with Anne Boleyn.

Later, we had lunch in the Think Tank. Then there was this Tudor house that you could play inside. It had lots of fun games and challenges. It had the biggest slide I’ve ever seen! In the garden there was a zip line and swings it was so fun.

Written by Jack Calpaldi, Year 4.

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Big Sing

Year 5 and 6 travelled to Eastbourne to take part in the Big Sing.

It is an event the children look forward to every year. They love practicing and performing the songs and every year, there is always something different! Unfortunately, we were unable to take photos of the children on stage, but we managed to get one of the children exploring backstage.

This year the children sang some traditional songs, like ‘silent night’ and ‘white Christmas’. A firm class favourite this year was ‘I want a hippopotamus for Christmas!’ We have not worked out how Santa would fit one in his sleigh yet, but we will let you know what we come up with!

Well done everyone! You sang beautifully and you looked incredible on the stage!


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Wellbeing Day

We held a ‘Wellbeing Day’, which involved a variety of activities and learning about the brain, how we react in different situations and how we can explore our mental health.

During the morning, Mrs Leahy from Chiddingly and St Mary’s led an assembly about the different parts of our brain and linked them to animals to help us think about their reactions. In the afternoon, each class had a visit from Jason Rhodes an author who wrote the Mindfulness Book ‘Imagine Eating Lemons’.


Reception made their own model of their animal brains, using hand prints and animal stickers.

They then explored colours linked to different emotions. Jacob suggested calm could be a blue colour, like water.

Year 1 & 2

Year 1 and 2 did some Lego therapy, played Jenga with emotions and made hands of support thinking about the people who give us support. They also talked about the characters from Winnie the Pooh and their personalities.

Year 3 & 4

Year 3 and 4 learnt about different parts of the human brain: the thinking brain; the emotional brain and the instinctive brain. They also reflected on how they  feel a range of emotions in their day to day lives. They produced some thoughtful pictures called ‘Hand of Support’, where they drew around their hand on paper and on each  finger, wrote a name of someone who has supported them.

Year 5 & 6

After the Thrive assembly, Year 5 and 6 read the story ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ and discussed the different emotions in the story and how they linked to colours. The children then linked their own emotions to different colours and designed and created their own versions of the crayons.

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FPTA Christmas Fair

The East Hoathly FPTA held their annual Christmas Fair in the village hall and what a fair it was!

There were a range of activities for children and adults to have a go at, like ‘drop the penny on Rudolph’s nose’, Christmas arts and crafts and ‘Christmas Pong’ – where you had to throw ping pong balls into cups to win a marshmallow snowman.

The children got to sign up to read a story with Santa and they could have their faces painted.

The highlights of the evening were the Christmas sing along and the announcing of the raffle winners! It was incredible to see so many prizes being won! Thank you to those businesses who donated prizes to the FPTA.

It was a really successful evening and it was great to see everybody working together to ensure the event ran smoothly, whilst still having fun, of course!

In total, the Christmas Fair made just under £1800, which is the most the FPTA have   ever made at the Christmas Fair. Well done everyone who took part in such an incredible evening!

What a lovely way to start the Christmas season!

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Reception’s Owl Day

On Wednesday, Reception visited Chiddingly for the day. They spent the morning with Oak Class, exploring different Owl themed provision, making woodland animals, nests and meeting new friends.

In the afternoon, we had a special visitor called Rusty. Rusty is a Tawny Owl, who was rescued after falling from a tree. The children got to feel how fluffy Rusty was and ask his handlers, Ben and Sophie, lots of questions.

All of the children loved having a picnic lunch and spotting all of the things in Chiddingly’s playground that were the same as East Hoathly’s. Miss Denney and Mrs Smith were very proud of how confident and well behaved the children were.

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Anti-Bullying Week 2019

Last week was Anti-Bullying Week. Have a look at what each class got up to!


Reception explored the theme of odd socks linked to ‘Odd Sock Day’. They designed their own odd socks and then celebrated how they were all different.

Following our whole school assembly looking at how change starts with us, Reception were passing on compliments to each other and spotting children who were helping each other out.

We talked as school about how we can help bring people up rather than bringing people down. We linked this to our work on wellbeing and how we all impact on each other so its important to consider how we treat others.

Year 1 & 2

Year 1 and 2 at East Hoathly discussed what we can do to make a change to reducing bullying in our school. One theme that the children came up with was being a good friend. We then read the story ‘Little Beauty’ by Anthony Browne and discussed how each of the characters felt when they were not being a good friend. The children then came up with ways they could be a good friend, in the playground and in the classroom.

Year 3 & 4

During Anti-Bullying Week, Year 3 and 4 class worked very hard on a number of learning activities, around the theme of “Change Starts with Us”.

In order for the children to understand different forms of bullying and how bullying impacts others, the first activity was to create a poster that celebrates the idea of difference.

The class also produced some storyboards, and we also discussed some key features of ‘difference’ and how we should all celebrate our own unique characteristics.

Year 5 & 6

Year 5 and 6 took part in a range of activities for Anti-Bullying Week and they particularly enjoyed designing odd socks for Odd Sock Day.

The children really understood the theme: ‘Change Starts with Us’ and one child said “Change starts with us means that we can help prevent bullying by telling a trusted adult or simply just being friendly and saying that someone can play or talk with you.”


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Year 1 & 2 Armitage Visit

On Wednesday the 20th of November Ronda and David Armitage visited Year 1 and 2. Before their visit, we made a beach scene with things that you would typically find on the beach. Ronda and David brought along things that they have found on beaches which you would not typically find. For example: rope, plastic bags, plastic water bottles and used crisp packets. We discussed how these things are bad for the animals that use our beaches and seas.

Ronda then read their new Lighthouse Keepers Lunch story which is being released in May next year about Mr Grinling and plastics on our beaches. Also while they were with us David showed us how he illustrates and as a class we created a picture for Mr Grinling’s Birthday.

We had a great time, thank you to Ronda and David for visiting us!

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Sports Crew

Meet this year’s sports and play leaders!

On Friday, they joined the team from Chiddingly to take part in a training day with Mr Dolton from St Mary’s. They completed lots of tasks, learnt new games and began to think about how to lead these with younger children.

They will be having one more session with Mr Dolton and they will be leading activities at lunch and playtimes. They will also be working with Miss Denney to develop a sporting competition calendar for the year.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

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Odd Sock Day

On Tuesday 12th November, the children took part in ‘Odd Sock Day’. This event was created to be celebrated during Anti Bullying Week and is a very creative way to show how unique everyone is and how it is okay that we are all different. The children clearly had a fun time choosing which socks they would wear. There are some very interesting pairings!

In total, we managed to raise £33 for the Anti Bullying Alliance. Well done everyone and thank you for donating!


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Reception’s Bonfire Walk

Reception have been exploring different celebrations and events. With Bonfire and Remembrance being a big part of our village community, visiting the bonfire is an important learning opportunity. Before visiting we read the story ‘Where the poppies now grow’, to help the children think about the reasons behind our village bonfire event and its foundations in remembrance.

On Wednesday afternoon the children in Reception visited the local bonfire site. There was great excitement when they realised the bonfire was in the shape of a phoenix and that there was lots of muddy puddles for splashing in.  They spent time looking at the  different parts and talked about how long it would take to build. The children also had fun posing like birds. Molly used her hands to make a very sharp beak and Buster used his coat to make the wings!


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Harvest Festival

On Friday 25th October, East Hoathly School and Nursery came together to lead the Harvest Service. Each class had a prayer to read out to show their thanks for the harvest, along with some art work and poetry to share with their grown-ups in the audience.

What was really lovely this year was seeing the children leading the service and just how seriously the Year 5 and 6 children take their jobs as role models for the younger children by supporting them.

Thank you to everyone who came and thank you for the donations for Uckfield Foodbank. We look forward to telling you how much was donated next half term!

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Year 5 and 6’s Newhaven Fort Trip

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British Values Day 2019

On Friday 18th October 2019, Pioneer Schools took part in a fun and enriching British Values Day as a way to celebrate and learn about the British Values. The children took full advantage of the opportunity to come into school dressed in red, blue and white to represent the British flag and the staff joined in too!

The children were organised into groups so that Reception and Year 1 and 2 worked together and Key Stage 2 joined up so that they could all take part in the different activities planned for the day.

To learn about the ‘Rule of Law’, the children explored the idea of rules and how they are there to ensure everyone is treated fairly. By looking at different fairytales, like ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’; the children could pick out characters who were not following the rules and discussed what happened to others’ feelings as a result. The children designed wanted posters for these rule-breaker characters and could  explain why they were on the wanted posters.

Joseph in Year 2 said “The wolf is wanted for breaking into Granny’s house and not looking    after people’s property.”

The children were also excited to receive a visit from two PCSOs. The children asked a lot of questions about what the PCSOs have to do to keep safe on their job and what they like most about their jobs. Samuel in Year 3 asked about what different types of police work there was. He learnt that there were different divisions that deal with different crimes, along with forensics and animals.

Using Google Earth, we looked at the location of ‘Great Britain’ and how it is a collection of islands. It was also interesting to see that the Union Jack is made up of all of the flags of the British Isles. Some of the children created their own maps, locating England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We then found where East Hoathly was within the British Isles and zoomed in on the school from above and could spot the playground and trim trail.

Theo in Reception said “The flag is white, blue and red.”

The children read the story of ‘It’s OK to be different’ by Todd Parr, which opened up lots of discussion about what creates our own personal identities, whether this be our eye colour, a    favourite hobby or a belief. The children looked into ’Mutual Respect’, ’Tolerance’ and ’Individual Liberty’ further when they compared their differences and spoke about how having differences doesn’t stop them from being friends with and caring for one another. The children created pictures about how different people can look and later shared them with one another.

Delilah in Year 2 said “It’s important to be kind to others because you might hurt their feelings.”

The children had an opportunity to be a politician for the session as they learnt about and practiced ‘Democracy’. The children were posed with the question “Should Key Stage 2 children be provided with free school meals?”. After huddling up and discussing their ideas, the children began to debate backwards and forwards with well constructed arguments in a really respectful way. They thought carefully about children who might need a hot meal and on the opposing arguments, where the money should be spent. It was incredible to see the children so passionate with their ideas, every child contributed to the debate and Jack C, the chairman, kept good records of the votes.

Sophia in Year 4 said “Democracy is about having your own opinion. We voted about if Key Stage 2 children should have free school dinners. We need to listen to others, even if we don’t agree.”

As a result of learning about the British Values, we have already seen the children demonstrating and applying their new knowledge in their classrooms and on the playground. The children really enjoyed learning about what helps create their identity and they now have a renewed respect for themselves as individuals, as well as for their peers and adults both in and out of school.

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P.A.Ls Assembly

On Monday, we held our termly PALs assembly (Progress and Learning) where we celebrated all of the fantastic learning which has taken place in Term 1. The children really enjoyed sitting with their friends in other classes and sharing their achievements. One of the wonderful things about this assembly is seeing children beam with pride when one of their peers recognised how their learning and skills had moved forward. It was great to listen in to the conversations that the children were having. We also recognised that the hundreds of books that began the term with empty pages, were now filled with a vast amount of learning experiences.

Jess in Year 4 said “Max M in Year 2 learnt about the Creation story in RE.”

Maxym in Year 5 said “Maisy in Year 2 has been learning about parts of the body, which is    helpful if she wanted to be a doctor.”

Spencer in Year 3 saw that Hector in Year 5 had been learning about the story of Jesus in his RE sessions.

Well done everyone!

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Year 5 and 6’s Visitor

Mr Rattray visited East Hoathly on Friday 18th October and spoke to Year 5 and 6 about his Uncle Alexander, which tied in with both their World War 2 topic and British Values Day.

He explained to the children that everyone has it within them to be courageous. Alexander volunteered for the Army when Hitler was expanding his empire. He was studying medicine at the time at Edinburgh University. He started working in the North African Desert when a shell struck his tank. He prayed to God and summoned the strength to push the door and get out the tank. He was badly burnt but was treated in hospital and ended up as an officer. He was a very courageous and brave man. Perhaps we can be inspired to be courageous in our own lives!

Thank you Mr Rattray for coming in and sharing this incredible story!

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World Mental Health Day 2019


In Reception, we read the story of ‘The Mood Hoover’ and we talked about our different feelings.

We then used different materials to create feeling faces to help us think about how we should be feeling.

Year 1 and 2 

In Year 1 and 2, after the assembly about Mental Health day, we read the story ‘This is our House’ by Micheal Rosen.
We discussed how the characters in story were feeling because of the actions of others. Then we discussed respect and if we showed other people respect then they would not be made to feel this way.

Year 3 and 4

On World Mental Health Day, the year 3 and 4 class read a poem together called “Healthy inside and out with Unique the Unicorn”. The poem is about two best friends, Unique the Unicorn and Rarity the rabbit, who enjoy spending lots of time together.

In the poem however, Rarity is feeling a little down so she turns to her best friend for some help. Unique offered lots of advice to Rarity as to how she can look after herself better.

At the end of the day, the class were asked to think about how they can both help themselves and others to make everyone’s lives happier. The children wrote their thoughts on ‘Helpful Hearts’ to help them remember how important it is to take care of ourselves and those around us.

Year 5 and 6

In assembly, we talked about what happens when feelings of sadness, anxiety and anger get too big. The children came up with ideas to help when someone is finding things too hard. They came up with lots of ideas including exercise, talking to someone, eating healthily, mindful breathing, reading a book, thinking of a happy place. The peer mediators and playground pals stood up to remind the children they can help when needed.
In Year 5 and 6, we watched a really interesting film made by other Year 6 children about sharing our worries when they get too big:

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Year 1 and 2’s Visitor

On Thursday 10th of October, Mental World Health Day, Year 1 and 2 had a visit from Nurse Suzy. She spoke to us about keeping our bodies healthy and also about what the parts of the body do.

She was very impressed by the knowledge we have gained this term about the body during our topic ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’. She showed us a gown that a patient would wear in hospital. We also had a go at bandaging each others arms. Thank you for visiting us!

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Year 3 and 4’s Terrible Tudors Trip

On Friday 4th October, we went on a school trip to a theatre and watched a show about the Tudors, it was very good.

First, we got into our seats and watched a shadow of an axe go across a big screen. When it started three people said that we were going to learn about the Tudors but in a fun way. We all got ready for some fun.

Some stuff was scary, the most scary was when the picture of Mary Queen of Scots painting came out of the wall and her face turned into a skeleton there was also a song about King Henry the eighth and a frying pan and food. After that, we had lunch and then went back to school on a coach.

Write up by Jack C, Year 4

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Mystery at Magpie Manor

On Thursday 11th July, the whole school took part in the performance of the ‘Mystery at Magpie Manor’. There were a lot of great costumes! The children all sang and danced incredibly and I think it was the best production yet!

The children enjoyed performing it and I think it is safe to say that the adults enjoyed watching it!

Well done to all of the children for such a successful show! We can not wait for next year!

Thank you to the parents for your support —whether it was listening to the children practise their lines and songs or by sourcing a costume. Thank you to the FPTA for serving refreshments and hosting a raffle.

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Reception’s Trip to Hastings!

On Monday 8th July, the Reception classes from East Hoathly and Chiddingly visited Hastings. The morning started with a long coach journey which the children filled with their own renditions of ‘Shot Gun’ and ‘Let it Go’ and there was a buzz of conversation, as the children talked excitedly about eating their picnics on the beach.

Upon arriving in Hastings, the children were particularly excited for our visit to the Blue Reef Aquarium, where they were able to explore the various tanks filled with clown fish, upside down jelly fish and a tank full of sharks and sting rays. Whilst there, we were lucky enough to talk to one of the aquarium staff who told us all about puffer fish and then let us witness the feeding of the fish in the big ocean tank! Both classes had their clipboards and pencils ready and drew some great pictures of the sealife they could see around them.

We then took a walk along the seafront to visit the fishermen’s museum and ‘life boat station’ where we were told how the life boat was pushed into the water, when it was needed. After a busy morning of sight seeing, the children ate their lunch on the beach, enjoyed playing by the water’s edge, threw stones into the water, all whilst trying not to get too wet or have their lunch nabbed by seagulls!

Finall, we all enjoyed an ice cream before jumping on the coach back to school. All the children and adults had a lovely day exploring and finding out lots of information, the children came up with some great recounts of their day!

Thank you to the parent volunteers who accompanied us on our trip!

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P.A.Ls Assembly

This Thursday, the children gathered in the Church for the last P.A.Ls assembly of the year. The children sit with another child (not from their class( and go through their books together, discuss how they have improved and shown progress over the term.

Jessica said “Sophie has improved her writing and is more creative with her topic.”

Grace says “Max has learnt to write instructions.”

Lotte says “Delilah has learnt how to make graphs.”

Evelyn says “Logan is writing in more detail than before.”

Maxym “Beatrice has got more confident with her times tables.”

Spencer “Ben has improved his writing by using conjunctions.”

Catherine “Archie has used lots of describing words in his writing.”

As the Christian value of the term is perseverance, we asked the children to tell us if they could see the value of perseverance in their work over the term.

Holly “We have learnt to not give up with the times tables challenges.”

Jess “I keep trying with my writing.”

Miss Purcell “Everyone showed resilience in learning the lines and songs for the summer production.”

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Enrichment Day


This term we decided to have enrichment morning in our own classes.

Reception enjoyed learning how to make icing and then decorated biscuits. They also made some fruity smoothies! Willow said “They were yummy, it was like full of loads of bits of fruit and I drinked loads of it”.

Year 1 & 2

During Enrichment morning, Year 1/2 did sewing. The children were all given some aida, a needle and some wool and were able to create their own designs.

“It was really fun, I made a pillow to put on my bed,” Catherine.

“It was nice to do, I made a personalised book mark,” Kitty.

Year 3 & 4

Year 3/4 had a wonderful time in the forest for our Term 6 Enrichment morning. We began by setting the boundary and making sure everyone was clear on what the rules were. Then we played 2 games of Deer & Predator using our senses and hiding skills. After that, we were allowed to explore the forest ourselves. Some of us made dens, some of us made bug hotels and some of us simply played amongst the trees. We had a lovely time and enjoyed spending time in nature!

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Year 6 Dictionaries and Bibles

Year 6 were presented with illustrated dictionaries from the Rotary Club in Eastbourne. They gave one to each child in Year 6 to help them at secondary school. Mr and Mrs Cheeseman presented them and the children loved them!

Year 6 were presented with Bibles from Open the Book as a moving on present.

We also presented a card and flowers to Mrs Wright. We thanked her for all her hard work with the children doing Open the Book.

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Year 3 and 4 Greek Day

On Monday 24th June, Year 3 and 4 travelled over to Chiddingly dressed up as Greeks to work with their Federation counterparts for a whole day of 'Hands on History'.

In mixed school groups, the children rotated around three brilliant activities which gave them the opportunity to show off what they already knew, and build on their understanding of how the Ancient Greeks lived.

It's safe to say that the shield and sword activity outside was a firm favourite - although not so much for the adults who got chased around by an angry mob of Spartan warriors! The children also got the chance to see some artefacts up close, compared Greek and Roman Gods and tried out some Ancient Greek writing. They also spent some time learning about life at home and the Ancient Greek's rather 'original' approach to medicine!

It was so lovely to have all three schools together - with the staff and parent helpers sometimes finding it difficult to know which child was from which school as they all mixed together so well! A huge thank you to our parent helpers and to all the parents for their efforts in the costumes; the children looked so fantastic and it really added to our day!

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Reception’s Bug Day

On Friday 10th May, the children in Reception were joined by Chiddingly Reception class for the day.

They had a fantastic bug themed day, which started with a morning in the forest.

The children were bug hunting, collecting different species and making big bug dens. They also used various resources to create art work that represented what they had been learning.

After a lunch time picnic together, they spent the afternoon creating bug crafts and playing together in the Reception outside area. It was really nice to see the children playing and working together.

Chiddingly children also shared song bug inspired songs they have been learning. Ask your child if they can remember bug heads, shoulders knees and antlers!

Sophie said ” Bug Day was great, we did painting of the trees and the bluebells in the forest.”

Freddy said ” I liked learning songs from Chiddingly all about bugs.”

Delilah said ” I really liked having a picnic on the field.”

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East Hoathly Vision

Value and Bible link Quote from Bible Bible story linked to it
Resilience – James 1:12 12 Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him. Rebuilding Jerusalem
Creativity – Proverbs 1:5 Let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the     discerning get guidance. The Story of Creation
Working Together – 2 Corinthians 13:11 – 11 Finally, brothers and sisters, rejoice! Strive for full           restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you. Jesus’ Disciples go Fishing
Excellence –  Proverbs 14:23 23All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to     poverty. The Parable of the Two Builders
Respect – Luke 6:31 31 Do to others as you would have them do to you. The Good Samaritan
Enjoyment – Psalm 68:3 But may the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; may they be happy and joyful. The Story of Noah

This week, the children have been looking into the School Vision and what East Hoathly’s different values are. Each value has a bible story link. Each class had a value to focus on and create work for.

Reception focused on RESPECT. The children discussed what it meant to show respect to others; by being kind and listening. The children then acted out the ‘Good Samaritan.’

Year 1 and 2’s value to focus on was ENJOYMENT, which linked to the ‘Story of Noah’. The children discussed how the value of enjoyment was present in the story. Stan said “Noah had enjoyment because he survived the flood.”  The children created collages of the animals that went onto Noah’s Arc.

Year 3 and 4 looked into the value of WORKING TOGETHER by reading the story of    Jesus and his disciples going fishing. Abbie in Year 4 said “We acted the story out and we showed working together by helping to get the nets back to shore.”

Year 5 and 6 found the values of EXCELLENCE and RESILIENCE in two stories.

In the ‘Parable of the Two Builders’, Ethan in Year 6 found the value of EXCELLENCE, which Teddy in Year 6 describes as “listening to God’s word”. Ethan’s character in the scene was the builder who’s house fell down during the storm. “My house fell down        because I didn’t listen to God’s word or his advice.”

In the story of ‘Rebuilding Jerusalem’, George in Year 6 was able to see the value of      RESILIENCE. “We acted out the story of Jerusalem’s wall and I was Nehemiah. We had to build a wall, which was really hard because there were people trying to stop us and the wall kept falling down. We kept going until it was built but it took a long time.”

The RE Council also worked together to find the value of CREATIVITY in the ‘Story of Creation’. Archie in Year 6 said “God showed creativity by perfectly creating the world we live in.”

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PALs Assembly

On Monday 1st April, the children took part in a Progress and Learning, Sharing assembly with a focus on the Christian Value of compassion.

The children shared their work with one another to comment on the Growth Mindset and progress within their work.

Charlie said, “Oscar (Year R) has improved in his maths and knows his odd numbers.”

Sophia said, “Alexandra has got better at her timetables.”

Robert said, “Malakai has improved the types of words he is using.”

Lotte said, “Beatrice has moved from going on the warm challenge and at the end of her book she is working on the spicy challenge.”

Destiny said, “Willow has improved her sentence writing and her drawings have improved.”

Lexi said, “Poppy has got better at solving multiplication problems.”

The children also asked one another how they have used compassion within their lives.

Ruby-Jean described compassion as meaning “reassuring people it will be okay.”

“It means being kind to others.” said Tom.

Sophia describes compassion as “sometimes putting others before yourself.”

Esther shared a time she displayed compassion in school. “I cheered Oscar up when he was feeling sad.”

What a great assembly it was! It was lovely to hear so many positive comments and see such high quality work being shared!

Well done, East Hoathly!


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Reception’s Special Visitors

Over the past few weeks, Reception have been the patient parents to chicken eggs in our classroom incubator. They have been helping to check the temperature, counting down the days and writing information signs for others. Then last week, the chicks finally started hatching and there was so much excitement in the classroom!

This week, we have been inspired by the chickens, who have helped us with our writing skills, allowed us to give them cuddles and even sat still-ish whilst we drew them and then weighed them as part of our maths lesson.

We would like to say a big thank you to Poppy’s family for lending us the chicks and the incubator so we could have this learning experience!

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This week, KS2 have been learning about how to say what they like and dislike. To put this into practise, the children enjoyed eating a range of Spanish foods, like chorizo, salsa and tortillas. Some children were brave enough to try olives!

Summer said, “Me gustan sandía y fresas.” This means she likes watermelon and strawberries!

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Enrichment Morning

On Friday 29th, the children had a range of activities to choose from that they normally would not do in school. They were singing songs from Disney films and musicals, making    Shrinkies, doing outdoor activities, Forest School and origami.

One activity on offer was Shrinkies. The children had to trace designs onto a piece of plastic (Shrinkies). Once they had, the design was heated in the oven for a minute and turned into an awesome keychain. Sophia in Year 5 said “We used a stencil to colour on the  Shrinkies. My favourite part was when we put it in the oven and watched the plastic shrink—it curled up.”

The children doing origami folded, cut paper and stuck on googly eyes to create some        fantastic pieces of paper art. Some of the designs being made were birds and snake   bookmarks. There was even an Iron Man and a princess. Robert in Year 6 made bookmarks that looked like sharks. “It was easy to make the bookmarks, but I found the decorating a bit tricky.”

The children that had chosen to sing had great fun learning the words and melodies to some very famous songs, like ‘Under the Sea’ from the Little Mermaid and ‘My Favourite Things’ from the Sound of Music. It was lovely to hear the children singing ‘A Million Dreams’ from the Greatest Showman with such passion! Lily in Reception got to choose a song for everyone to sing and she chose ‘This is Me’ from the Greatest Showman. “This is my absolute favourite song. I love, love, love it!”

The group of children doing Forest School were split into two groups. One group sat around the fire, whittling sticks to be able to cook their bread. The other group got really messy and made the bread. Both groups then swapped over and had a go at the other     activity. Holly Zorn enjoyed  whittling the sticks down so she could toast her bread. “I liked toasting it on the fire. The bread was really tasty.”

Mr Mackarness came over from Chiddingly to join Mr Lawrence in leading a range of     outdoor activities, such as Frisbee, wellie-boot wanging, skittles and tag rugby. The sun was shining and the weather was perfect to be outdoors! Samuel said “I played rugby, Frisbee and wellie-wanging. Football was my favourite and I had a lot of fun.”

It has been a really successful Enrichment Morning, we are already looking forward to the next one!

If you have any activities or skills that you would like to share with the children for the next enrichment morning, please contact the school office. Alternatively, if you would like to help out in the mornings, please speak to your child’s class teacher.

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Red Nose Day

Last week, the parents and carers of East Hoathly School received a letter asking them to arrive a little bit earlier than usual on Friday afternoon for pick up.

What they did not know was that they were the audience for a flash mob!

The children came together from all over the playground, in time, to sing and dance to S Club 7’s ‘Reach for the Stars’.

It was easy to see that they had practised it a lot, because they pulled it off flawlessly!

Not only were we treated to a great show, we managed to raise an impressive £146.31 for Comic Relief!

Well done everybody!

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Reception’s Fruity Week

This week, Reception have had a great fun talking and learning about healthy food.

The children spoke about the different colours, textures and smells of the fruit, as well as how they are really good for our bodies.

The children had an opportunity to use different fruits to make a yummy kebab and a ‘berry’ pink smoothie!

The children really enjoyed talking about and tasting the fruits!


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Year 3 & 4 Bread Making

On Tuesday 19th March 2019, Year 3 and 4 made our very own bread rolls. Firstly, we washed our hands! Then, we were put into groups of 6 and carefully read the recipe and list of ingredients.

Each group had a team leader who decided which children completed which role. Everyone got the chance to do something. When we had weighed out and mixed all our dry ingredients together, we had to let our dough ‘prove’ for an hour – just like the Great British Bake Off!

Finally, it was time to bake them! We were all really happy with how they turned out and we ate them after lunch with jam, ham or Marmite. Mostly they were delicious! We had a great morning and learnt lots about how to follow a recipe.

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Year 1 & 2 Trip to Raystede

The account of the visit was written by Stan Twiddy:

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Year 5 & 6 Netball Tournament

On Wednesday 13th March, a team of Year 5 and 6 children attended a Hi 5 Netball tournament. They competed alongside 7 other local schools in two rounds.

East Hoathly won their first match, 3-0 against Ringmer Primary, and then drew their second 1-1 against Firle.

The children worked really well together as a team and showed great sportsman ship by independently shaking the hands of the other teams after their matches.

It was fantastic to see the children grow in confidence throughout the matches, with this being their first competitive netball event.

Thank you to parents for supporting the event and transporting the children.

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World Book Day

On Thursday 7th March East Hoathly school, along with other schools across the country, celebrated World Book Day!

A lot of effort was put into the costumes this year – they were all great! Across the day, the Cat in the Hat was seen, along with Gangster Granny, Heidi, Belle, characters from the Famous Five, Angelina Ballerina, the Hungry   Caterpillar and of course, a vast array of Harry Potter characters!

This year, there was a competition for the most original and creative costumes. The winners would receive a £5 book voucher, kindly donated by the FPTA.

Our winners were:

  • EYFS – Jacob and Lucas as Thing 1 and Thing 2.
  • KS1 – Orlaith as Swan from Swan Lake.
  • KS2 – Charlie as Xar from Wizards of Once.

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Reception’s Bear Hunt

On Friday last week Reception had their first Forest School session.

They walked to the forest and looked out for signs of Spring. They also sang their ‘going on a bear hunt song’. The children enjoyed having snacks around the ‘camp fire’ and balancing, climbing and jumping on the logs and trees.

The children worked really hard to work together to make sure the trees were balanced and safe for each other.

They looked for bears in all the different dens and caves, but unfortunately there were none.

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PALs Assembly

On Monday this week, the children took part in a PALs assembly. In the PALs assembly, children sit next to someone in a different year to them and they look through each others’ books to see what progress has been made in the term.

The children look forward to these assemblies and it is lovely to see the children be so supportive towards each other by pointing out what great achievements have been made.

Matthew in Year 5 noted when he saw Max W’s book that Max, Year 1, is now starting to write with more detail. Well done, Max!

Pearl in Year 3 showed her book to Matilda in Year 5. Matilda said “Pearl can write longer paragraphs and she joins up her writing more.”

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Enrichment Morning

On Friday 15th, the children had a range of activities to choose from that they normally
would not do in school. There was keyring making, drama, lego, cake decorating, modrock
modelling and fabric collage.

Lola in Year 4, chose to take part in the fabric collage activity. She said “it’s a nice day
and I think making a collage is fun.” Matilda in Year 5, agreed saying “I love how we used
all the different materials and styles to make the collage. I liked the pom poms and my
favourite material was the glittery felt. I learnt that mixing the different materials in
the collage creates a really nice effect.”

In drama, George in Year 6, had fun doing improv scenes. “Our characters we from Emojitown
and I was the sad emoji. We acted that we got on the wrong plane, so I jumped off!”
Jake in Year 1, really enjoyed acting “My character was Harry Potter!”

Saffron in Year 6, took part in the modrock modelling activity. “We got a coathanger and
bent it into the shape on an animal, like a skeleton. We then added material to it before
adding modrock to make the model.” Scarlett in Reception, said “It’s really fun and I like
it because it’s messy!”

India in Year 3, chose cake decorating. Not only did she decorated some cakes and
biscuits, India picked up a new skill. “I learnt how to write with icing, there’s a trick to
make the icing stop; you need to stop squeezing the tube and then press down.” Maisy in
Year 1, really enjoyed designing ideas for her cake decorating.

Jack in Year 3, had a go at making keyrings. “I really liked designing my picture for my
keyring.” The children also had Scooby strings as a part of their keyring, which Darcey in
Year 1, enjoyed. “It’s really tricky to make the scoobies, but I had a lot of fun.”

Freddy and Oscar in Reception, had a great time during the Lego activity. “We were
building towers from Lego, then we put them together to make a really big tower.”
Matthew in Year 5, explained that there were different challenges for the children to
complete. “One of the challenges was to build a lego tower with only one hand. Toby and I
got really competitive. Toby got 25 bricks and I got 21.”

Thank you to all of the adults that help make these fabulous activities possible! Thank you
to Miss Dudeney for coming over from Chiddingly to lead the modrock activity.
It has been a really successful enrichment morning, we are already looking forward to the
next one!

If you have any activities or skills that you would like to share with the children for the
next enrichment morning, please contact the school office.

Alternatively, if you would like to help out in the mornings, please speak to your child’s teacher.

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Safer Internet Morning

On Wednesday morning, Years 1 to 6 were visited by a company called ‘Perform for Schools’, who held interactive workshops for the children so they could learn about ways to stay safe online.

To learn about cyber-bullying and what it might look like, the children took part in and  enjoyed a range of drama activities, such as freeze frames and role-play and they learnt a rap about how to ‘Zip It, Block It, Flag It’!

Abigail in Year 4 said “We learnt about how to be really safe when we’re online and that if something bad happens, we can talk it over with our parents to sort it out. I really enjoyed when we split into groups to act it all out.”

Overall, it was an extremely successful morning and the children had great fun about learning how to be safe online! Thank you so much for the donations that have enabled the children to part in this workshop and thank you to the FPTA for also donating towards the morning’s events.

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Vision Day

The children of East Hoathly got involved with activities that had been inspired by the school’s vision song.

In the morning, Reception and Year 1 and 2 took part in three different activities with themes of resilience, working together and creativity.

For the resilience activity, children had to use marshmallows and spaghetti to build a bridge for the naughty bus to cross over. It was a challenge as the spaghetti kept breaking! Samuel in Year 2 said “The marshmallows are really sticky and it keeps sticking to the bus.”

In the creativity session, the children were making collages using the letters from ‘creativity’. The children uses felt, tissue paper and foil to decorate the letters and show different textures. Lily in Reception said “It’s fun to stick things down!”

There were a range of games in the ‘Working Together’ themed activity. The children had to stand in a circle and hold hands to pass a hoop around them. The challenge was to not let go of one another’s hand. Freddy in Reception said “Playing the games was fun, I did really well!”

In the afternoon, KS2 took part in activities too. Their activities’ themes were “working together” and “respect”.

The KS2 children taking part in the ‘Respect’ session’ created a class poem and had fun working in groups to act out each line of their poem. Summer in Year 5 said “You have to treat others how you would like to be treated.”

The rest of the KS2 children worked together to try and fit everybody into hoops and not fall out of them. Daisy in Year 3 said “Working together is fun!”

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Reception’s Visitor

On Thursday last week, Miss Denney’s brother brought in his motor bike for the children in Reception and Nursery to see, as part of their topic. The children thoroughly enjoyed trying on all the different protective clothing and discussing how they would keep you safe. Some of the children were even brave enough to try sitting on the bike and beep the horn!

The children learnt about the different road signs that bikers need to follow and how the handles on a bike help to steer and drive the bike, unlike pedals in a car. They looked carefully at the different parts and shapes and then created their own motorbike pictures.

George wanted to beep the horn lots so people knew he was coming and Oscar said it was “the best day ever!”

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East Hoathly Visions Day

On Friday, the children of East Hoathly got involved with activities that had been inspired by the school’s vision song.

In the morning, Reception and Year 1 and 2 took part in three different activities with themes of resilience, working together and creativity.

For the resilience activity, children had to use marshmallows and spaghetti to build a bridge for the naughty bus to cross over. It was  a challenge as the spaghetti kept    breaking! Samuel in Year 2 said “The marshmallows are really sticky and it keeps sticking to the bus.”

In the creativity session, the children were making collages using the letters from ‘creativity’. The children uses felt, tissue paper and foil to decorate the letters and show different textures. Lily in Reception said “It’s fun to stick things down!”

There were a range of games in the ‘Working Together’ themed activity. The children had to stand in a circle and hold hands to pass a hoop around them. The challenge was to not let go of one another’s hand. Freddy in Reception said “Playing the games was fun, I did really well!”

In the afternoon, KS2 took part in activities too. Their activities’ themes were “working together” and “respect”.

The KS2 children taking part in the ‘Respect’ session’ created a class poem and had fun working in groups to act out each line of their poem. Summer in Year 5 said “You have to treat others how you would like to be treated.”

The rest of the KS2 children worked together to try and fit everybody into hoops and not fall out of them. Daisy in Year 3 said “Working together is fun!”


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Mince Pie Run

A big well done to Mr Procter, Mrs Fry and Governor, Alan Brundle for completing the Mince Pie Run last Sunday.

All the money they have raised will be going towards new  equipment for the Pioneer Federation schools.

If you would still like to make a donation please see Miss Dutton.

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Esther’s Sponsored Silence

Esther, in Year 4, had a very quiet weekend last week. She thought of a way to help other children by doing a sponsored   silence to try and raise money for international Christian charity, Tearfund.

Tearfund is a charity that are working towards ending poverty in some of the poorest countries in the world. With the support they receive, they work with the people of the communities to provide clean water and food, and provide aid for disasters.

So far, a very determined Esther has raised an incredible £300 for this brilliant cause. Well done Esther, what a great achievement this is!

If you would like to sponsor Esther and donate to the cause, click here.

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Enrichment Morning

Earlier last week, the children had a range of activities to choose from that they normally would not do in school. There was Chinese, cooking, Christmas crafts, hair design, orienteering, acting and recorders.

On Friday 14th December, the children all took part in their chosen activities and it was great to see the children all enjoying themselves.

Freya in Year 3 said “We are having fun styling hair with plaits. I like practising styles on people.”

In Chinese, Emilia in Year 6 showed off her new chopsticks skills that she learnt from Freddy Fry’s Mum. “We learnt how to say hello in Chinese, which is Ni Hao and we have tried some food. I learnt that Chinese symbols were made from people looking at animals.”

Louie in Year 3 said “We have been making beaded candy canes and painting tree decorations. My favourite part was designing Christmas pictures.”

Hector in Year 4 took part in the orienteering. “We used flags to find letters to make a sentence. The best part was trying to find all of the different flags.”

In acting, Darcey in Year 1 said “I have been acting ‘The Night Before Christmas’. We all turned into the sugar plum fairy, which was my favourite part and then we danced.”

Sophia in Year 3 chose to play the recorder with Governor, Juliet Stirrat. “I’ve learnt how to play Hot Cross Buns on the recorder and the best bit was practising the notes.”

Matthew in Year 5 took part in the cooking activity. “We had ingredients to make fruity muffins. The mixing part was the best bit because it was messy!”

Thank you to Juliet and Mrs Fry for volunteering their time.


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This year, the decision was made to split the Christmas productions into two. EYFS and KS1 performed the traditional Nativity play, while KS2 took on a different production: Home for Christmas – a story about homelessness at Christmas time.

EYFS and KS1 worked very hard memorising their lines and songs and we saw an  array of shepherds and donkeys on the stage. The children performed their little hearts out and really reminded us of the reason we celebrate Christmas!

KS2 took on a different play about homelessness at Christmas time. All of the children performed fantastically and really made us think about those less fortunate at Christmas time. We even managed to raise £242.95 for the charity ‘Shelter’!

The comments from parents and carers have been overwhelming—thank you so much for your continuous support!

Well done to all of the children involved – including Pearl Becvar, who unfortunately was unable to attend the final performance, but still managed to create a fantastic backdrop for the KS2 production.

What a brilliant end to the term!


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Uckfield Late Night Shopping Event

A big well done to all the children from Chiddingly and East Hoathly who performed at Uckfield’s Late Night Shopping Event last Friday. The children sang beautifully and were a testament to the Pioneer Federation.

Listen here: http://www.uckfieldfm.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/East-Hoathly-and-Chiddingly-Primary-School-071218.mp3

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Reception’s Visit to the Post Office

Reception have been learning about writing letters. This week, they wrote letters to Father Christmas. In their letters, they thought about wishes for themselves and others during the festive period.

On Wednesday, they walked to the Post Office to buy stamps and post their letters. They are hoping that they may even get a reply!

The children were really well behaved and members of the community commented on how wonderful it was to see them.

“We posted our letters all the way to the North Pole!”

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Big Sing

This week, Year 5 and 6 performed the songs they have been practising for the Big Sing.

Miss Purcell said “We had a wonderful time singing at the Big Sing. It was such an amazing experience singing on Glyndebourne stage!”

Miss Brown, Matilda’s Mum, commented “the children looked so smart and sang beautifully. They represented the school so well!”

Well done Year 5 and 6! We are already looking forwards to next year’s performance!

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On Tuesday, the children were treated to a festive Pantomime of Robin Hood, which the FPTA organised and funded. The children and staff really enjoyed the jokes, music and acting!

We would like to thank all the members of the FPTA and our school community for all of the fundraising and events they do to support the school and children.

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Year 3 and 4 Trip to the i360 in Brighton

On a wet and windy Wednesday morning Year 3 and 4, from East Hoathly, Chiddingly and St Mary’s, set off to visit the i360 and the Brighton Museum. We all greatly enjoyed our ‘flight’ up the tower and the incredible, if slightly grey, views of Brighton city. After spending half an hour in our pod, we were sent back down to earth. The walk to the Museum was slow but cheerful!

At the Museum, we split off into our groups and ate our lunch. We were allowed to explore the Museum in our little groups and there was a lot for us to do. There was dressing up, drawing, magnifying glass and colouring in! Finally, we had a quick photo of all 3 schools outside the Brighton and Museum and jumped back on the coach to go home.

“It was the best trip ever!” – Sophia, Year 3.

“When I went on the i360 I felt really excited because it was really high and I love heights”- Joshua, Year 3.

“It was really fun and one of the best trips I’ve ever been on”- Florence Year 4.

“It was really fun, it had a nice view of the buildings and the sea”- Maxym, Year 4.

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Year 3/4 Village Hall

To mark the special birthday of Prince Charles, the idea came to organise a coffee, tea and cake morning to raise money for AGE UK and most of all to lift the community spirit. Because of this, I contacted the school to see if they wanted to make an appearance in the Village Hall and do something that would fit in the school programme.

On the morning of the 14th of November, pupils from Year 3 and 4 came to the especially decorated VH to show their works of art: beautiful paintings of Prince Charles. We have hung them on the wall and the pupils had a glass of squash and a tangerine decorated with a flag of different countries. They sang Happy Birthday and three cheers joined with all present.

Later, the Chairman of WDC arrived and he was asked to choose his number one painting. It was not easy because everybody had worked really hard, but he chose Esther’s painting. The paintings were left on the wall so other people could see them.

It made our morning to see a group of enthusiastic pupils and their teachers and their assistants to mark this day.

A big thank you to all of you.

Quinta Deane

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Reception’s Visit to East Hoathly Bonfire

The children in Reception have been learning about different celebrations that involve noisy activities such a fireworks! Last Friday, they  went on a walk through the village and visited the Bonfire structure that is built by members of the carnival society. They looked at the shapes and the design of the bonfire and discussed what it meant.

When they got back to school the children used their creative skills to draw their own versions of the bonfire and talked about why it helps the people in the village remember.

A few of the staff attended the Bonfire Celebrations on Saturday and would like to say how impressed they were with the children who were part of the celebration and how mature and respectful members of our school community were during the memorial part of the evening.

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Anti-Bullying Week

This week is Anti Bullying Week. The theme of the week, chosen by the Anti Bullying Alliance is 'Choose Respect'. We began the week with an assembly sharing the Child Friendly Anti Bullying Policy and discussing what respect means.

Each class has been learning about respect including sharing what they value and respect about each other, designing posters and learning about being kind to each other.

In this week’s Celebration Assembly, each class shared their learning with Miss Lewis and the rest of the school.

Ruby in Year 6 said “This week, we’ve made Anti-Bullying posters with the ’Choose Respect’ theme on it and we’ve done a competition to decide whose poster is the most eye-catching and has the most information. From Anti-Bullying Week, I learnt that if someone is bullying you, it is most likely to make themselves better.”

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World War 1 Week

In school this week, it was World War 1 week. The children across the school took part in different activities, across the curriculum, with Remembrance and World War 1 themes to celebrate and remember the end of the First World War.

Reception made a poppy collage with tissue paper, explored the story “Where Poppies Now Grow’ and drew pictures of soldiers. George said “Poppies are for soldiers who died.”

Year 1 and 2 made a wreath of poppies, learnt about the importance of animals during the First World War and they learnt about trenches. Beatrice in Year 2 said “On Thursday we dressed up, it was fantastic.”

Year 3 and 4 painted the ends of bottles to create poppies, wrote World War 1 poems in Literacy and learnt about what school would have been like one hundred years ago. Maxym in Year 4 said “This week, we painted poppies for World War 1 day because poppies help us remember the soldiers who died in the war.”

Year 5 and 6 wrote stories in Literacy about the Christmas Truce of 1914, made poppies to be stuck onto a wreath for the War Memorial and wrote a prayer for the soldiers. Ruby in Year 6 said “I learnt that during the Christmas Truce of 1914, the soldiers actually put up a Christmas tree and promised not to fight until midnight on Christmas Day.”

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Enrichment Morning

Earlier this term, the children had a range of activities to choose from that they normally would not do in school. There was sewing, gardening, cooking, cheerleading, art and rugby.

On Friday, the children all took part in their chosen activities and it was great to see the children all enjoying themselves.

Poppy in Year 5 said “Gardening was fun because we got to use tools, like cutters and we got to weed the garden.”

In sewing, Holly Z in Year 4 made a blue monster with three eyes. “I sewed on buttons and felt to make the face.”

Ben in Year 2 said “Rugby was fun, Mr Procter taught me new skills”, Matilda in Year 5 agreed,         commenting “I learnt how to pass backwards and to communicate with my team to find space.”

Maxym in Year 4 took part in the cooking activity. “We made healthy, fruity muffins. I had fun grating the carrots.”

Abbie in Year 4 said “Today, cheerleading was fun. I had a good time with my friends and I am glad they convinced me to take part.”

In Art, Ruby in Year 6 had a go at ‘blind drawing’. “It basically means you need to    focus on the object you are drawing and not look at the paper. I really enjoyed it.”

The children all had a fantastic day. Thank you to all of the adults who shared their       skills and interests. It was such a successful day and the staff are already looking        forward to organising the next Enrichment morning.

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Harvest Festival

East Hoathly have taken part in two Harvest Festivals this year.

The first took place on Sunday 14th October in the Church with Rev Phil Hodgins. Miss Lewis and some children from East Hoathly volunteered to read out prayers to share.

The Harvest Service from East Hoathly School on 16th October  saw the children all    perform songs about the Harvest, showed some work to the parents that came and the school have donated food to the local foodbank. The Nursery children all worked together to build a very impressive scarecrow for the Harvest Festival.

Thank you everyone for your donations and hard work this harvest!

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Year 5 and 6 Trip to Weald and Downland Museum

On Tuesday 16th October, the Year 5 and 6 classes in the Federation went on a trip to Weald and Downland Museum as  a part of their Victorians topic.

The children of Chiddingly, St Mary’s and East Hoathly schools dressed up like Victorians and took part in a range of activities, including Victorian style cooking, Victorian style schooling and performing Victorian style chores.

The children enjoyed their day and seeing their peers from across the Federation. The weather held out and they were able to enjoy a social lunch on a field together.

Thank you to the parent helpers for their support and thank you to Miss Banks, at St Mary’s, who organised such a lovely trip! What a way to end such a busy term!


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Year 3 & 4 Science Day

Over the past two weeks, Year 3 and 4 have enjoyed two science days! The children all took part in different experiments and investigated the reactions of the events that happened.

On the first Science Day, Friday 12th October, Year 3 and 4 looked into experiments involving materials

Activity 1: How can mixtures become separated? We looked at the mixtures you have in front of us. Then we separated the substances.

Activity 2: Who can melt an ice cube the quickest? We had to predict which method we thought would melt the ice cube fastest and then test it out.

Activity 3: We were sorting different materials. In our groups, we had to look at each   object and decide whether it was a solid, a liquid or a gas.

Activity 4: We watched Miss Riddall: Boil a kettle – hold a mirror over the spout, pour the boiling water over a sugar cube and watch it disappear and turn the fan on with our faces in front of it. We had to predict what we thought would happen and explain what was happening when we watched it.

On the second science day, Wednesday 17th October, Year 3 and 4 took part in activities involving their senses, solids, liquids and gases.

Activity 1: How can we use our sense of smell? Essential oil was put on a tissue, this was then hidden and we had to find it using our noses.

Activity 2: What will happen when boiling water is poured into a glass bowl then covered with cling film? We discussed the water cycle.

Activity 3: Which plastic bottle will squirt water the furthest? There were three bottles to test; 1 full one, 1 half full one and 1 nearly empty one.

Activity 4: We had to estimate and test which balloon weighed the most. Will it be the balloon full or air, water, semi blown up or empty?

Luke said “I think that the warm water will melt the ice-cube the fastest… I was right! Look the ice-cube has got smaller and smaller”.

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P.A.Ls Assembly

On Thursday 11th of October, the children took part in a Progress And Learning assembly. The children brought their RE books to the assembly and they all sat with  someone from a different year group to share what they had learnt so far this year.

Charlie in Year 6 said that “Ashton’s work is very good. He is learning about Christianity.”

Tom in Year 6 commented on Archie’s work that the drawings were very neat.

Zach in Year 5 said that “Lorenzo’s work is amazing. He remembered that he was learning about God.”

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World Mental Health Day

The school participated in activities while reflecting on mental health and what it means to take care of yourself.

One of the most notable points that the KS2 children came up with was that “if you feel like you can’t cope, tell someone you trust.” What great advice!

KS1 had an afternoon talking about positivity and what we can do to make ourselves feel better. They all chose a word to describe themselves, some of their favourites were friendly, caring, kind and unique.

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World Mental Health Day

On Wednesday, the school participated in activities while reflecting on mental health and what it means to take care of yourself.

One of the most notable points that the KS2 children came up with was that “if you feel like you can’t cope, tell someone you trust.” What great advice!

KS1 had an afternoon talking about positivity and what we can do to make ourselves feel better. They all chose a word to describe themselves, some of their favourites were friendly, caring, kind and unique.

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Reception & Their Year 6 Buddies

It has been an absolute pleasure this week watching Year 6 guide their Reception buddies in and around the school.

The Reception children have settled into school life really well and the Year 6 buddies have gone above and beyond in looking after them.

George in Reception said “I like playing with my buddy, Archie.”

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East Hoathly Go Kart Team!!!

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After two weeks of planning, building, painting, sticking and drying, Year 5 and 6 finally went to the Patina Parade with their costumes.

The theme this year was Superheroes and we had an array of different characters including; Thor, Starlord and Supergirl.

The children had a fantastic time over the two weeks, creating their costumes and attending the Parade with a giant Iron Man that they had constructed!

George in Year 5 said “I chose to make Thor because he is one of my favourite superheroes. The Parade Day was very exciting, I liked seeing everyone else’s projects, there was a school that had Harry Potter as a theme and they made a giant car! My favourite part of making my structure was adding colour to it – it was very messy!”

Thank you to the FPTA and parent helpers for the time they gave to help the Year 5 and 6 children build their structures.

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Pirate Day

On Friday 6th July, East Hoathly and Chiddingly joined together for Pirate Day.

They worked together to create their own mini pirates and pirate hats and carefully walked the plank. At lunch time, we had a picnic together and explored the field. The children had a lovely day with their friends!

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St Mary’s

On Tuesday 3rd of July, East Hoathly travelled to St Mary’s Hartfield, by coach, to see their Year 5 and 6 class perform their dress rehearsal.

The St Mary’s children presented a brilliant rendition of ‘Wind in the Willows’, complete with beautifully designed scenery, cracking costumes and face paint, stunning solos and even a tap-dancing scene!

A lot of work went into their production and it really showed! We all cheered for the children and the adults who helped.

Lola said “I liked the Rat and the Mole in Wind of the Willows.”

After we watched the production, the children went into the playground and enjoyed a picnic lunch, before the children at St Mary’s came out to play. It was really great seeing the children from the two schools playing and interacting with each other. Since a few children from East Hoathly visited St Mary’s to teach them about 4-Square, it was wonderful to see the St Mary’s children show off the skills they had been practising.

We left St Mary’s in good spirits and look forward to seeing our friends at St Mary’s again! Thank you to all of the parents that helped on the trip!

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Year 6 Leavers’ Service

On Tuesday 26th of June, Year 6 travelled to Crowborough to take part in their Leaver’s Service.

For the first time, they were joined by Year 6 from Chiddingly.

Ethan said “I enjoyed singing songs at the front of the church and having our pictures taken. It was a great memory to make.”

Aidan said “I enjoyed it because I helped to carry the banner for the service. This is a good memory to take to Uckfield.”

Miss Purcell said “It was great to see our Chiddingly friends from residential. The service was lovely, with lots of beautiful singing and it was a great way to reflect on our year.”

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Year 6 Leaver Hoodies

Year 6 got presented with Leavers Hoodies today from Mrs Bushell and the FPTA. Year 6 were surprised as they didn't realise they would get them in celebration assembly!

Aidan said "They are super comfortable, they are designed well and I love the fact that my name is on the back! Miss Purcell and Miss Moore got one as well - they loved them."

Thank you on behalf of all the class for arranging this - they will keep the children warm on residential and they will treasure them forever!!


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Reception’s Chicks

Over the past three weeks Reception have been eagerly watching the incubator filled with eggs. They have been carefully filling up the water and checking on the humidity, which helps the shells become soft.

On Tuesday morning, we arrived at school to discover the eggs were hatching! With great excitement, we watched over the next few days as 22 eggs hatched into chicks. The children have loved watching the life cycle and having the chicks in the classroom for lots of cuddles. All of the staff and children across the school have been regularly visiting them.

Max says “I loved having the chicks, I love stroking and holding them, the best thing about having them it watching them.”

Thank you to Poppy Ray’s Mum, who kindly supplied every-thing needed for this exciting project!

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Royal Celebrations

Last Friday, the Pioneer Federation held a special Celebration Day for the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The children and staff swapped their uniforms for red, blue and white and enjoyed learning about the Royal Family and what happens at weddings. The children also enjoyed an array of different activities, inspired by the big day.

Reception made Royal crowns and designed wedding cakes. They also looked at different photos of weddings and talked about their experiences.

Year 1 and 2 spent their day learning about the Royal Family, making flags and making beautiful cards for Prince Harry and Meghan—which have been posted out to them!

Year 3 and 4 made family trees, played traditional British games, like skipping and made up rhymes for the Royal Wedding. They also attended a wedding of our very own!

Year 5 and 6 spent their afternoon designing flags, but in the morning, they re-enacted the Royal Wedding, with Isabella and Sid performing the starring roles! The wedding was beautiful and we even had the very talented Aidan Woodward-Brenchley playing his violin as Isabella walked down the aisle!

At lunchtime, the playground was transformed into a royal celebration banquet with a very long table! We enjoyed sharing a lunch together in the sunshine!

Thank you to our cooks, who provided the baguettes for the lunch we shared and thank you to Dee Gibbons for coming in and helping us set up for our lunchtime celebration!

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PALs Assembly

On Thursday the 24th May, the entire school came together to celebrate the learning they had done over the past two terms. Each child was paired with another from a different year group and they had the opportunity to show each other their work and talk about what they had learnt.

Sid,in Year 6 shared with Darcey in Reception that he had been learning about inverted commas and where to use them. Darcey showed Sid the work she did when she made a puppet of how Jesus gave back a man’s sight.

Lucas in Year 1 showed Charlie from Year 5 that he had been learning about explorers by showing off his drawings of penguins, killer whales and seagulls. Charlie showed Lucas the great work he had been doing in maths and that he had been learning about adding and subtracting decimal numbers.

Alongside showing off their work, the children discussed the theme, which this term was friendship. The children discussed what it meant to be a good friend. Tom in Year 5 said to be a good friend you need to “help them and make them feel confident”. Ruby in Year 5 said “if they doubt themselves, tell them they will be great,” and Leo in Year 6 said “if they are upset, help them and build up trust.”

The children were then asked if they could discuss times that they—or their partner— had been good friends. It was great to see that everyone had something to share! Coen in Year 6 said “Max helps Lorenzo and Archie feel better if they are sad.” Catherine in Year 1 said that “George encourages his friends.” Tyler in Year 6 said that “Malakai is friendly to others.”

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Year 6 Football

On Tuesday 22nd May, ten Year 6 children were invited to play in the Alfriston Primary School Football Tournament. The children arrived at Downs Leisure Centre, ready and raring to go! They all had a turn on the pitch, playing against different schools for a place in the final.

Leo said “Football was really great and everybody was so friendly. It was such a good day and I think we played really well. We used communication and teamwork to do the best we could do.”

The team was made up of; Coen, Tyler, Harvey, James, Leo, Oscar, Hannah, Sid, Aidan and Joseph.

Overall, the team came third out of sixteen teams! Well done East Hoathly!

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Year 3 & 4 Roman Day

In the morning we made Roman shields and Roman jewellery. We used sugar cubes to
design Roman buildings. We also found out about Roman feasts and designed our own

The leaders of our troops prepared us for battle this afternoon! We made the ‘Tortoise’
and ‘Wedge’ formation with our shields.

“I liked having the feast because we had Year 6 as our Roman slaves and they served us
food!” -Abigail, Year 3

“I loved the whole day because we were all dressed up and it was so much fun!” -Florence, Year 3

“I liked the battle because we had to make the tortoise formation and then go into
battle with our friends!” -Alfie, Year 3

“It was really good because we got to have a feast and build Roman buildings out of sugar
cubes!” -Lola, Year 3

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Reception Trip to Herstmonceux Castle

On a very sunny Wednesday, Reception had their very first trip on a coach!

They were joined by Oak Class from Chiddingly as they walked around the gardens of Hersmonceux castle. The children had a fantastic time hunting for different items in the gardens and then spent time carefully looking at the different features of the castle whilst drawing it.

The children and adults all enjoyed an ice cream to cool down after an exploration of the grounds and a picnic lunch.

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Nursery Healthy Eating Cooking Session

We are developing our healthy eating and physical activity opportunities for our Early Years children, in connection with East Sussex County Council. As part of this, we have been cooking each week in Nursery and promoting healthy alternatives. On Tuesday, we held a parent and child cooking session with Dawn and Miss Denney, where we made our own healthy meatballs with pitta and salad! The children really enjoyed cooking and eating the meatballs.

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St Mary’s Partnership News

This week, children from East Hoathly and Chiddingly went to St Mary’s for the day! They joined in with their lessons and taught the other children how to play 4square.

Ruby-Jean from Year 5 said “It was a   really cool experience being able to teach the children something they didn’t know and it was fun joining in their every day activities. I made new friends in St Mary’s and I can’t wait to see them again!”

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Year 1/2 Palaeontology Day & Super Growing

Last term, we entered the Innocent Smoothie “Big Grow 2018”. Innocent sent us compost, pots and seeds to plant our own vegetables and we have been looking after them for 5 weeks now! Hopefully we’ll be able to eat them soon.

The children have now taken them home and can   repot them or plant them in the garden to soak up the sun – well done growers!

We had a Palaeontology day in Year 1 & 2 – we dressed up as Palaeontologists and excavated some dinosaur bones which were hidden around the school. We then studied them and worked in teams to put them together to make whole dinosaur skeletons. We also learnt about what Palaeontologists do when they’re not digging and how they know so much about dinosaurs.

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On Thursday 19th April, the whole school took part in an exciting STEM day. The children came to school dressed up as scientists and inventors. They spent part of their day tackling the ‘Squashed Tomato Challenge’ which was based on a real life scenario in Nepal. The children had to think about how to transport tomatoes down a hill and over a river without spoiling any of them. The children had to work in teams to design and build their ideas, they were then given tomatoes to test these out!

“I enjoyed designing and making our pulley systems- ours worked and the tomatoes didn’t fall out. We also found out about engineers who are famous for designing and making different things.“ Darcy Year 3

“I enjoyed learning about Stephen Hawkin and his discoveries. I liked designing myself as a Mr Man character!” Matthew Year 4

Some children even designed and made pulley systems for their tomatoes.

At the end of the session, the children were shown how Practical Action (scientists and engineers who use technology to challenge poverty in developing countries) solved this problem in real life. They saw how a pulley system based on weights enabled the villagers to become more efficient in their farming!


Throughout the day, the children found out the skills needed to become engineers and about different engineers who designed and created objects and devices which help them in their every day lives.

A new ‘Little Miss’ book had been written to celebrate International Women’s Day and British Science week called ‘Little Miss Inventor’. The children used this to create their own ‘Little Inventor’, their designs were fantastic!

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Sports Week

WOW, what a week! We have all experienced a different sporting workshop each day – even the teachers got involved too! There have been so many comments from parents and children about how much they have enjoyed this week, please fill in the comments sheet the children have brought home. All the workshops have been offered by our local providers in the hope that if interested the children can branch out and continue learning the sport.

On Monday, we were joined by GB Athlete Mercy Brown who is a bronze weightlifting medallist. She shared her sporting journey and talked to us about not letting setbacks stop us from achieving our dreams and goals. We then warmed up with plenty of squats to get our muscles warm, before we practiced lifting moves!

On Tuesday, it was street dance day, we brought our funky moves and attitude to the village hall and created our own dance shows after learning some key breakdancing moves like the ‘Corkscrew and W drop’!

On Wednesday in Ballet, we learnt about happy pointy toes and how to use our core muscles and strength to pile and releve. We also discussed the importance of core strength and balance for other sports and how ballet can enhance this.

“We did lots of different sports. We are trying to make ourselves as fit as possible. One of the athletes showed her growth mindset and how she didn’t give up which is important so you can always keep trying and you get to reach your goal and do better things.

She told us 3 top tips: 1) Train hard 2) Work hard 3) Listen to others.” – George, Year 5

“I loved it, it was really fun. I really liked the ballet, street dance and the tennis. Did you know healthy foods give you energy for running and doing sports?” – Sara, Reception

On Friday, we had double workshops with golf in the morning and calming yoga in the afternoon.

Across the week, we also walked to the local tennis courts where there were tennis balls everywhere! We learnt how to stand in the ready position and perfect our forehand shot.

Throughout all the sessions we thought about the importance of physical exercise and healthy eating to keep us fit.

We would like to thank the local coaches we used to provide the workshops. If you would like any more information about the clubs and sessions they provide you can download leaflets and find links to their websites below:

Ballet www.facebook.com/fleursballetEastHoathly Ballet Information
Street Dance www.universaldance.co.uk  Universal Dance
Little Mix Dance Camp 2018
Disney Dance Bootcamp 2018
Yoga www.yogabee.club
Tennis clubspark.lta.org.uk/easthoathlyhallandtennisclub  Easter Tennis Camps 2018
Golf www.eastsussexnational.co.uk/golf-academy  Junior Golf Academy 2018

“It has made me think about being fit and doing exercise. It’s really important to keep moving and eat healthy foods.” – Abigail, Year 4

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Snow Day

We had quite a lot of snow last week! At break time, there were snowmen being built and snow angels scattered all over the field. After lunch, the children and staff enjoyed a hot chocolate with marshmallows to keep warm. What a fantastic week we had in the snow!

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Book Week

We celebrated World Book Day on Thursday the 1st of March. We wrote letters to people we admire throughout the week and we have posted these off—fingers crossed we hear back!

We got dressed up as our favourite characters and shared books with one another! Have a look at the photos below and see if you can tell what our favourite characters are!

We were also lucky enough to have a visit from an author – Giles Paley-Phillips. He came to talk to us about what it is like to be an author and to also share his book ‘Superchimp’.

The children were really excited to see Giles. Summer in Year 4 said “I really enjoyed meeting him. His story was really good—he had definitely used his imagination!” Jessica in Year 2 said “Giles was amazing—he read us one of his books, Superchimp, it was fantastic!”

Giles enjoyed his visit to East Hoathly too. He said that the “children and staff were very welcoming, enthusiastic and had great questions.”

What a lovely response AND what a lovely day we had!


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Chinese New Year

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Happy New Year! Last week we enjoyed learning all about China in our afternoon sessions. This was linked to the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Each class took part in a range of learning, linked to China. Throughout the school, children were preparing and tasting Chinese foods. Year 5 and 6 created some very tasty vegetable spring rolls that they enjoyed tasting!

There was lots of Geography taking place, learning about where China is located. Year 3 and 4 learnt how to write Chinese symbols and presented their work beautifully, as well as learning about the giving of red envelopes with money as a New Year gift.

As 2018 is the ‘Year of the Dog’, Year 1 and 2 designed and created their own dog masks. Reception enjoyed making noodles and writing instructions for how to do this. They then loved tasting their creations at the end!

Many thanks to all of the staff for planning such exciting activities for the children and to all of the parents and carers for coming into our celebration of work at the end of the day.

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Progress and Learning Assembly

On Thursday 8th February we had PALS Assembly. This is where we do two things: review the theme of this term which was “Courage” and share our books and learning with children from other classes.


Miss Lewis asked us about how we have shown courage this term. This is our worship theme where we have learnt about Bible stories that teach us about courage.

Here are some quotes from the children

“Courage means being brave in your school work.” -Oscar

Courage involves facing challenges.

“I face a challenge of doing crate stacking on our school trip.” -Abbie

“I faced the dark cave.” -Summer

“I did a reading assessment this term. I showed courage to complete it!”

Courage means overcoming fears

“Improving your work and going for higher challenges shows courage.” -Leo

“I will be brave when I hurt myself.” -Lorenzo

“In my school work I will be courageous and keep going, not giving up.” -Holly Z

Sharing Our Books

Older children paired up with younger children in the school to share learning.

This term we shared our RE Books and another book of our choice.

“James can add more detail to describe different pictures of Jesus doing kind things and adding detail.” -Oscar

“Florence has written about the 3 Kings and has added lots of detail. I can see an improvement in Florence’s work and writing over the term.” -Charlie

“There was a big whale that ate Jonah! I learnt about him!” -Max M

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E-Safety Day

Children from the Pioneer Federation took part in an E-Safety Day on Wednesday 7th February 2018. Andrew Gunn was invited into the Pioneer Federation to teach the children about how to be safe online. Andrew taught all year groups about the internet and its power. Andrew built on the children’s knowledge of the acronym ‘SMART’ and made them aware of how they can continue their safe practice online. The children made large Hector the Dolphins to display in their classroom to be there as a reminder of what to do with Hector (who swims in the top corner of every screen on a school curriculum laptop). A Hector is on display in each classroom to remind the children how they can be safe at all times when on the internet – whether at school or at home. Here are some photos of the great designs of Hector in the classrooms!

Children and young people are likely to be as good as, if not better than, their parents at using the Internet. However, being good at using technology does not mean they have the life-experience and wisdom to handle all of the situations they can come across.

Children and young people are prone to the same kinds of risks (including spam and scam emails, fraud and identity theft) as everybody else. However, there are also other, more sinister threats that may result from going online, such as inappropriate contact from people who may wish to abuse, exploit or bully them, and exposure to inappropriate material.

The parent forum was very informative; it opened my eyes to the possibilities of the internet. – Parent

We were learning to obey the ages of things like Snapchat.
Not everyone is who they say they are online.
Hector the Dolphin helps you keep safe online.
We’ve learnt that if you see something inappropriate, you link on Hector the Dolphin.
ICT is a great source of learning! – Pioneer Federation Pupils

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Superhero Day at Chiddingly School

Reception visited Chiddingly for the day and games, completed obstacle courses, explored the police station and had an extra special visit from Uckfield fire officers.

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Reception & Nursery’s Visit from PC Gemma Bridger

On Wednesday, PC Gemma visited Reception and Nursery to talk about her role as a police officer and what she does to help people, as part of their topic ‘I have the power’.

She talked to the children all about the different vehicles they use and showed them pictures of the 3 different types of police dogs.

The children had all thought of different questions to ask PC Gemma and asked these with lots of confidence.

Darcey was keen to find out about the police handcuffs and if they hurt, she got to try them on and said “They are really cold”.

The children also all got to try on some of the different hats that police officers wear.

Thank you PC Gemma for coming to visit Nursery and Reception!

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Mathematics Day 2018

Last week, we had Mathematics Day at East Hoathly and Chiddingly School. The staff de-cided that the children needed to gain more confidence with working with and solving problems linked to fractions. Each class focussed on this and we had a whole day of fractions activities. Year R concentrated on finding wholes and halves while Year 1 and 2 started to explore quarters of shapes. Year 3 and 4 did some cross curricular activities involving designing their own flags. They were able to work out what fraction of each colour they had. Year 5 and 6 independently choose what they needed to practice and worked on it. This included looking at comparing and finding equivalent fractions; multiplying and dividing fractions and adding and subtracting fractions! In the afternoon, they created a fruit salad – measuring out according to different ratios.

In the afternoon, the whole school got to together for the House Team Quiz! The children had to work out mathematics questions but if they got stuck they could ask a friend on their team or a team member in the audience. Pupil Governors chose new house names, they are: Mars, Saturn and Jupiter! Mars were the winning team in the quiz so well done to them!

In Celebration Assembly, Miss Lewis asked the children about Maths Day and children shared what they had learnt.

Leo Tarry wrote in his book “I am now more confident with solving maths fractions problems.”


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Year 3/4 Team Building Trip

Year 3/4 ventured off to Walton Firs Activity Centre on Tuesday, for an action-packed day of adventure! They participated in different activities alongside children from Chiddingly School, such as searching for pictures hidden amongst the trees and buildings during Photo Orienteering and climbing, swinging, splashing and squelching their way through obstacles and plenty of mud on the Adventure Course. The children also completed a Nightline, where small groups used cooperation and listening skills to negotiate a complicated collection of tyres, cargo nets and elasticated rope webs, all whilst blindfolded!

Activities also included Caving, where children explored a myriad of dark and leaf-strewn tunnels and caves, and finally Crate Stack, which required balancing atop and climbing a tower of crates whilst teammates stacked each step from below!

So much fun was had, and everyone a great day. Mrs Pattenden and Miss Moore were extremely proud of the class and very grateful to our lovely parent helpers!

Thank you also to the weather for keeping the rain away from the activity centre – it was muddy enough as it was!

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Pantomime – Aladdin

Our fantastic FPTA arranged and funded a Christmas Pantomime for all the children this week. We all went to the Village Hall which had been transformed into the town of ‘Agrabah’ for the exciting show of Aladdin.

All the children thoroughly enjoyed the show and it was a great start to festive fun!

As a school and FPTA team, we would like to thank you all for supporting the events that help to provide experiences and equipment for the children.


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Year 5 & 6 Carols

On Monday the 11th of December, Year 5 and 6 went to Lydfords Care Home to sing carols to the residents.

They spent a long time practising their carols and sang beautifully.

Lydfords enjoyed listening to Year 5 and 6 so much that they asked for them to come back at later points during the year!

What a fantastic class of singers you are!

Thank you Year 5 and 6 for showing a brilliant sense of community!

Well done to Miss Purcell and Miss Moore for their hard work with the carolling!

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Mince Pie Race

On Sunday, the 10th of December, School Governor Alan Brundle and Mr Procter braved the cold and wet weather to run in the Mince Pie Race.

They ran 10 miles to raise money for the school.

If you donated, Mr Procter would like to extend his thanks for your contributions towards our school.

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Big Sing

On Friday the 8th of December, Year 5 and 6 went to the King’s Centre in Eastbourne to take part in the Big Sing.

They sang songs such as “Christi Bayou” and “Midnight”. The children had great fun and they did the school proud!

Well done Year 5 and 6!

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Reception’s Trip to the Post Office

On Monday, Reception visited the local post office to buy stamps and post their very    important letters to Father Christmas. The children walked beautifully along the path and members of the community commented on how well behaved they were and how lovely it was to see them visiting the local shops.

Thank you to our parent helpers on the day and to the post office for showing us the things you use and sharing some of these with us for our role play area.


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Jolly Jumper Day

On Friday, East Hoathly celebrated the first day of December by wearing festive jumpers!

Children donated prizes for the upcoming Christmas Fair and in return, the school was dazzled by sequins, snowflakes, tinsel and flashing lights.

We’re feeling very festive at East Hoathly and we hope you enjoy the jumpers below as much as we did!

Thank you for all of your donations!

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Late Night Uckfield Shopping Event

Well done to all of the children who performed at the Uckfield Late Night Shopping Event on Friday 1st December. The children’s enthusiasm and energy was clear and the staff were so proud of the children’s performance. It was great to see children from both Pioneer schools coming together and looking after each other at the rehearsals earlier in the week and this year we had more children taking part than ever before! Thank you, as well, to the staff, friends and families who came to support the children – I think we had the loudest crowd on the night!

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Year 5 & 6 Evacuee Day

On Tuesday 21st November, Year 5 and 6 went back in time to World War 2 and arrived as Evacuees at East Hoathly Primary School!

They created their own identity labels and wrote a postcard home to share their experiences. The classroom windows were taped up in case of a bombing raid and when the air raid sounded in the classroom, the children hid underneath the tables! Other members of staff came along to choose Evacuees to help them out and do various jobs for them in the day!

The children made an eggless sponge (due to rationing, eggs were in short supply). They all tried it and the end of the day and most children thought it was extremely tasty! The children also did a special mission to work out which ships could have been used for the evacuation of Dunkirk. They also made their gas mask boxes – a compulsory item for children in WW2.

It was a great day for the children and thank you to the parents for providing all the brilliant costumes!

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Anti-Bullying Week

What is happening within the schools for Anti-bullying week?

This week was Anti-Bullying week, with a focus on difference and equality. This week’s national focus has stemmed from a rise in negativity towards difference around the world.

The focus in school has been on celebrating children all being unique, helping children feel valued within their schools, understanding that it is okay to be different and that being different is not a reason to be bullied.

What is bullying?

A lot of children use the term bullying because they don’t understand what is happening.

Falling out with friends and friendships is a normal part of growing up, it can often happen due to a minor incident, and it is about dealing with this appropriately.

When children are older, this can often be put onto social media.


Definition – “the repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or group where the relationship involves an imbalance of power’. This definition should be thought about when deciding if an issue is bullying or if it is a friendship issue and it can then be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

In school, we have had various activities for all year groups across the week looking at anti-bullying and the importance of our key statement, ‘Lend a hand, make a stand, say NO to bullying’. Each class have created posters and the winners were announced in the Anti-Bullying assembly on Thursday 16th November.

Bullying online and online safety

There is a vast difference between parental and child knowledge, awareness and worries when it comes to online safety.

Parents worry about appropriate content, stranger interaction and grooming, whereas children worry about cyber bullying and violet or sexual content.

Children also know how to use more features of apps and sites than parents do. It is important to inform children that anything they post or share online and virtually will be there forever and could impact their future lives, examples of this are happening in the media at the moment.

An important message – Treat others as you would like to be treated. Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t say to someone face to face.

What can you do as parents?

All apps and online sites have guidance on the appropriate ages for use, it is important to discuss these with your children and the possibilities or incidences that may occur when using them. It is also important to discuss what is appropriate use and what is not.

Guidance for ages:

13 years old Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter
16 years old WhatsApp
17 years old Tinder, Vine
18 years old  YouTube, Kik, Flicker, Keek

It is also important that, as parents, you monitor the amount of time spent online and what the children are going on.

As parents, there are ways that you can filter content when online and when your children are using games and streaming sites . This can be done through your browser setting, parental controls. You can also contact your internet or broadband provider directly and they can put filters in place using the connection line.

Interesting and thought provoking statistics

  • 15% of parents will build an online presence of a child before they are even born, e.g. sharing scan pictures, baby gender reveals, photos of growing bumps.
  • By the time a child is 5 there is an average of 1000 pictures of them shared online by parents and family members.
  • In a lifetime there is upwards of 25,000 photos of a person online.
  • 1 in 5 young people believe everything they read online.


Below is a list of apps to be aware of, some of these apps open up the risk of cyber bullying and lowering self-esteem of our children.


This is a music app that allows children to record videos of themselves singing and upload them. This opens up public commenting.


This app encourages users to create a poll or vote. This can lead to lowering self-esteem, rude or offensive comments, and is public.


This has been called ‘tinder for teens’ it is a friendship app that you swipe left and right on. This can impact on wellbeing, self- esteem and open up a forum to talk with strangers.

Parent Support Apps

There are parent support apps which can be used to monitor your child’s activity online and on phones, however it is important to think about the impact these may have on the trust between you and your child.

  • MM Guardian
  • Funamo Parent Control
  • APP Lock

Student Voice – Anti Bullying Week

In Reception, we talked about what bullying is and how it can make us feel. We also talked about what it means to be good friends and to be nice to each other to make us feel happy and safe in school. We made posters to show it’s okay to be different. Malakai in Reception said “I like painting my hands. We are different.”

In Year 1 and 2, we made a friendship wreath out of our handprints, we made individual bricks for a wall to show that we are all equal but different. We saw the effects of bullying on Bruce the Koala’s heart, it showed us that bullying makes us feel sad, so we said nice things to make him feel better. Delai Ryan in Year 2 said “I liked the colouring hand activity because we got to write lovely things about other people.”

In Year 3 and 4, we learnt about the four different types of bullying; verbal, physical, cyber and emotional. We learnt that we are all important and that we are individuals and that it is okay to be different and unique. We made mirrors to reflect our differences and individuality and to celebrate and encourage others to be individuals too. Lotte Rattray in Year 3 said “My favourite activity was making the mirror because I enjoyed sharing my hobbies with others.”

In Year 5 and 6, we had a workshop with John Khan who was from the Anti-Bullying team in East Sussex, where we learnt about the different types of bullying. We found out that being different is good and we celebrated our individuality through our artwork. We learnt about empathy and online safety. Teddy Wren in Year 5 said “I enjoyed learning about empathy because it is a way of showing how we are all different and see things differently.”

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Remembrance Service

This week, the children in East Hoathly school created a poppy to make into a wreath for the Remembrance Service on Friday the 10th of November. The school paid their respects and remembered the brave soldiers that fought in the World Wars with songs, poems and prayers.

Thank you to the parents and carers that came along to the service!

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Mexico Day

On Monday the 6th of November, the children at East Hoathly were split into their Key Stages and then divided into groups so they could all partake in different activities about Mexico.

They explored the celebration of the ‘Day of the Dead’, which Tom Fox in Year 5 says, “It means that the people of Mexico celebrate the memories of dead family members by having parties and bright colours”. The children also made art, learnt some Spanish, learnt about the country of Mexico and made some salsa and guacamole! Jessica Ruff in Year 2 enjoyed making salsa, “I enjoyed making and trying salsa because I’d never tried it before. It was very exciting!”

Everyone had a brilliant day and enjoyed sharing their learning with parents at the end!

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Nursery and Receptions Adventure with ‘Jaws and Claws’

On Tuesday morning Reception and Nursery had lots of special visitors. Phil from Jaws and Claws brought some of his exotic friends for us to feel and hold whilst he told us lots of information about them. Did you know a Giant Africa Land Snail has its tongue on its foot?

The children (and staff!) were incredibly brave holding animals that can sometimes be thought of as scary. They got to see Ben the corn snake, Geoff the python, Terrance the tenrec, Whinnie the tortoise, Brian the Africa Land Snail, Buster the tree frog and Char-lie the bearded dragon!

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Some of the Year 5 and 6 children went to the Uckfield Grand Prix last Sunday to race our Go-Kart. They came second in the finals heat.

The children showed great sportsmanship and super speedy changeovers.

Well done racers!

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Treasure Island

Congratulations to the children for putting on an amazing production of ‘Treasure Island’. Thank you to all the parents for the help with the children’s magnificent costumes and for coming along to the production. Thank you for all your donations – an incredible amount of £256.52 - which will be used to buy staging for the next production.

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Some of our Year 6 pupils have been completing the ‘Bikability’ training course this week. They have had some sessions on the playground to build up their skills and have ventured out on to the roads of the village to complete tasks towards reaching Level 2. The children have enjoyed it immensely and have learnt to ride safely and responsibly on the road – a great skill to learn before moving on to secondary school!

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Year 1 and 2 Trip to Michelham Priory

We went back in time to the Stone Age on our trip to Michelham Priory! We did pretend hunting and gathering, visited a round house, planted seeds, made our own jewellery and clay pots! We also looked at different artefacts from the Stone Age and had a go at cave painting. We even relived a Stone Age burial ceremony. It was a brilliant day. Thank you to Mr Skelton and the parent volunteers for helping us all have a great day.

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Awe and Wonder Day – My Safe Place

Awe and Wonder day took place on Monday 22nd May 2017. All the children were in mixed year group teams and rotated around a carousel of activities. The theme was Safety. It included the children reflecting on their safe place and constructing their own safe place, sewing and using collage skills to create our safe church. We had PC Jackie with us all day talking about how to get help from emergency services, we made shields about how God keeps us safe and we learnt about Christian Aid’s work to ensure refugees have shelter, water and food. The day ended with a brilliant celebration in the church. All the children sung a song about safety and different children spoke about their learning. It was a great day, enjoyed by all and gave us all time to reflect and think about the world. Thank you to all the parent volunteers for helping us and for those who attended the celebration.

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Enterprise Week 15th – 19th May

During Enterprise week, each class was given £20 to spend on whatever materials they needed to create a product to sell at the end of the week. The challenge was to see which class could make the most profit.

Reception created their own Café for enterprise week. They looked at the different coins they would need to make the cost of tea, coffee and hot chocolate as well as the ingredients to make biscuits. They then worked in groups to make and decorate biscuits.

Year 1 and 2 designed, budgeted for and made Ladybird cakes. They had lots of fun and were really happy to make some money. Holly L said “I enjoyed making the cupcakes – especially the icing.” Darcy said “I enjoyed making cakes and doing the game of Guess the Weight of the Cake!” Lotte and Holly Z enjoyed adding the ingredients together to work out the total we needed to spend.

Year 3 and 4 designed and created cards for Enterprise Week. We asked our parents which cards they would find most useful to buy and then we made a range of Father’s Day cards.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and had fun selling them.

George, Year 4, says, “I had lots of fun using glitter and pom poms.”

Summer, Year 3, says, “I liked making cards and making a mess!”

Year 5 and 6 created ‘Bugs in Boots’ models to sell. We sold every single one of them and were amazed by the number of compliments we received for our creativity! We made posters and banners to advertise our stock and we had to budget for the materials that we needed – we spent our £20 budget on clay, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and spray sealant.

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The Daily Mile

We are participating in The Daily Mile.

The aim of the Daily Mile is to improve the physical, emotional and social health and wellbeing of our children – regardless of age or personal circumstances.

It is a profoundly simple but effective concept, which any primary school can implement. Its impact can be transformational- improving not only the childrens’ fitness, but also their concentration levels, mood, behaviour and general wellbeing.

Click here for more information & to see our school on the participation map.

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Towner Art Work to be shown at Eastbourne Carnival in May!

On Thursday 15th May 2017 John from the Towner Art Gallery came in to lead art workshops with Year 1/2 and Year 3/4 classes. Year 1/2 made jester masks using cross hatching technique to colour in and make them bright and colourful. Year 3/4 decorated umbrellas and used drawing and cutting techniques. Children from East Hoathly School will be invited to come along to Eastbourne Carnival and Parade with their art work. Further information about this will be shared in a letter soon. The children had a great time developing their artistic skills to create their pieces. Lotte said “Jessica was very creative in making her mask and had some great ideas for her jester mask.” It was really great to have a visiting artist share his ideas and skills. It was a very active session and the children were taken through the process step by step.

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International Link Day

On Monday 20th February, the Pioneer Federation celebrated their second International Day of the year with a focus on the country of Syria.

With so much attention being on Syria in the media at present, it was really lovely to learn about the country from its people. We were very lucky to have some visitors from the Syrian community, who spent the day with us.

Each class got to spend some time listening to Syrian music and also enjoyed listening to the Syrian children singing some of their traditional songs. They were so brave to stand up in front of all of us! The group then shared some Syrian dance moves and we all joined in with this!

We found out about food, art and dance in Syria. We had Zain, Nour and Hala visit us with their family and they did short speeches written in English all about Syria, their life now and what they miss. The children sung to us and taught us to ‘feel the beat’ and dance to traditional Syrian music. It was lots of fun.

Alongside this, each class took part in their own learning about different aspects of Syrian culture. Reception Class very much enjoyed tasting some middle eastern foods. Year 1/2 Class looked at Syrian Art and then created some of their own images. Year 3/4 Class made the school smell amazing by preparing and serving their own Syrian style salads and sharing them with the visitors to our end of day celebration. Year 5/6 Class really impressed the adults by joining in with the dancing and chatting so openly with the visiting children, sharing their own songs and some interesting moves! They then learnt about the Islamic religion and told us all about the ‘Five Pillars of Islam’ and created some posters about this.

It was wonderful to watch the enthusiasm and share the learning in the celebration assembly at the end of the day. Many thanks also to so many of our parents and carers for coming to share this with us.

Thanks also to Tom Serpell from the ‘Village of Sanctuary’ charity who inspired us to hold this day and used his contacts to arrange our visitors. Also thanks to Nadine Strasman from the Sussex Syrian group for her role in the organisation.

We had a fantastic day and all learnt about Syria. We have made a display of the children’s learning and experiences.

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Year 5/6 – Chinese New Year

We had a lovely afternoon on Friday, celebrating Chinese New Year! We ate prawn crackers and talked about how people celebrate - we practised using chop sticks, and made lucky red envelopes with Chinese messages on the front. We started making Chinese New Year calendars, which will be making their way home soon!

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Mathematics Reasoning Morning

On Wednesday 25th January we had Mathematics reasoning morning. This is our Mathematics focus this year! All classes had a whole morning involving problem solving and reasoning activities where the children had to use skills and explain their answers. Year 4 then joined Year 5 and 6, Year 3 joined Year 1 and 2 to buddy up and share their exciting learning. The children really enjoyed themselves and evaluated the morning the next day.

Here are some comments from the children:

Year 1 and 2 – Addition and Subtraction reasoning questions

“We learnt how to solve some problem solving questions.” Lola Y2

“We worked out the answers to problems with addition and subtraction.” Daisy Y1

“I liked seeing Matthew’s work he did on fractions.” Louie Y1

“I enjoyed it. Please can we have a whole year of just Maths?!” Oscar Y2

Year 3 and 4 – Fractions problem solving

“I enjoyed looking for patterns in fractions.”

“I enjoyed working with others to solve problems.”

“I enjoyed sharing my work with other year groups.”

Year 5 and 6 – Murder Mystery Mathematics Problem Solving

“We were detective and we had to find out the answers to questions.” Eve Y6

“I enjoyed breaking the clues down to find the real culprit of the murder.” Emma Y6

“It was fun because it was really hard game and mystery to solve.” Coen Year 5

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E-Safety Day

Children from the Pioneer Federation took part in an E-Safety Day on Thursday 12th January.  They learnt what the acronym ‘SMART’ stood for and how it could help them to be more safe when using the internet.  The children learnt how to use Hector the Dolphin (on the screen of every laptop).   Here are some photos of the children in action; some examples of e-safety posters and displays of how the posters are being shown in every classroom.

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Victorian Day

This week, in Year 5/6, we had a Victorian Day! We spent the day dressed as Victorians and behaving like Victorian school children. We had Victorian style lessons and learnt about what daily life was like for children in Victorian classrooms.

We learnt that Victorian teachers were very strict!

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Healthy Living Week

This week has been Healthy Living week (31st October- 4th November) the children have been involved in activities between both schools to raise awareness of how to stay fit and healthy. This has included exploring healthy eating, healthy bodies and hygiene. On Tuesday 1st of November we had the ‘Skip 2 B fit’ company visiting our school. On Wednesday 2nd November the children used their own toothbrush and a disclosing tablet to find out how to make sure they clean the different areas of their teeth. Mrs Tarry visited Reception and Years 5 and 6 to talk about keeping teeth clean. Mrs Rattray visited Year 1/2 and 3/4 and talked about her role as a GP. She shared some the equipment she uses, talked to the children about red and white blood cells, explained some of the different illnesses people get and some of the special words she uses (like „suture‟ rather than „stitches‟). Thank you to both parents for coming in. The children learnt a great deal.

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India Day

On the 20th October Chiddingly and East Hoathly Schools celebrated their first International Day with a focus on India. We enjoyed many activities in our classes, learning about the country and widening our experience of other cultures. We were very grateful to Mrs Fox  who visited us and shared her experiences and photos from her charity visit to India. All of us learnt about how life in India is very different and enjoyed the interesting talk.

Activities in classes were really hands on, with food tasting, observing Indian artefacts, painting gods and goddesses and Rangoli Patterns.

In the afternoon, each class had so much fun learning Bollywood Dance routines with the ‘Bollywood Belles’. We really enjoyed performing these to the parents and carers in the special assembly at the end of the day.

Many thanks also to all the parents who brought in items from home to support the learning.

Well done everyone for a fantastic last day of term!

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Awe & Wonder Day

On Monday 23rd May 2016 we had a very exciting Awe and Wonder day with the theme of ‘Our World’. The idea of this day was to allow children to be reflective and have time to express their thoughts and feelings about our world. The children spent the day in mixed age groups with children from Reception to Year 6 together. Activities for the day included making a giant mosaic of the world, forest school activities, growing area activities, singing and felting. We had visitors from the community, parents and carers who came to school and shared experiences with us. A huge thank you to all of those who made the day a success.

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Reception’s Trip to Plumpton College

Tuesday was an exciting day for Reception as they visited Plumpton College Farm. They joined Chiddingly on the coach and travelled to the farm spotting plenty of interesting sights on the way. When they arrived they were met by Deborah who showed them into the education centre and then showed them around the farm. Whilst there, the children were looking at different animals as part of their topic on new life and were lucky enough to see some lambs being born! The children then were given the opportunity to hold a 1 day old lamb and later created their own craft lamb using real sheep wool! It was a fantastic day and the children learnt lots about the names of mother and father animals and how long it takes for animals to grow and develop.

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Multicultural Arts Week

We started Term 2 with a flurry of colours, arts and culture with each class ‘travelling’ around the world to look at and explore different cultures. During PE all classes explored traditional music from their country’s culture, creating dances and freeze frames.

Reception enjoyed discovering the Story of ‘Rama and Sita’ and understanding the celebration of Diwali, by making Divali lamps and acting out the story.

Year 1 and 2 flew to Mexico where they tasted different Mexican foods such as Nachos, dips and salsas. They then used pastels to draw Mexican artefacts.

Year 3 and 4 learnt about Anansi traditional folktales from Africa. They made shadow puppets and performed using these in a shadow theatre. The children also looked at the meanings of African masks and created their own.

Year 5 and 6 learnt about New Zealand through the story ‘Granny joined the All Blacks’. They learnt the Hakka, made mala masks and wrote their own stories.

We had a fantastic finish to our week when we spent the day with our Federation friends taking part in different workshops. All of the children were mixed up into six different groups with children from both Chiddingly and East Hoathly across all year groups.

The children enjoyed workshops where they learnt, Chinese writing, Spanish songs and World War 1 songs. They also took part in African Drumming with Cheikh from ‘Africa Arts Company’ and Greek Drama with Mr Jonson. The children then created ‘Natural Art’ in groups using objects found on the playground.

All the children and staff had a fantastic day and it was lovely to see so many parents celebrating with us at the end of the day.

Thank you to all the parents from East Hoathly for helping to transport the children to Chiddingly.

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Physical Wellbeing Day

Last Thursday we held our Science and Wellbeing Day. Throughout the day the children took part in a variety of activities to investigate about their bodies and how to stay fit!

At the start of the day the children enjoyed taking part in sports activities and even beat some members of staff at table tennis! The whole school then joined Miss Denney in the playground in a whole school aerobics and Zumba session! (Look on the website for a video of the school aerobic session which will be put up next week! Can you find yourself?)

After lunch every class took part in a yoga session!

“I liked doing yoga because it keeps you calm and relaxed and helps you think!” – George Year 3.

The infants spent the day looking at what happens to their bodies when they exercise and naming parts of their bodies and finding out how they work.

Year 3 and 4 starting the day by finding out about what their hearts do and their pulse rate. They then set up experiments to test their pulse rate during different activities and plotted their results on a graph.

“I found our heart beats about 80 times per minute and it gets faster when we exercise!” – Emilia Year 3.

Year 5 and 6 were investigating their lung capacity and how it changes.

“We did this really cool experiment where we had to breathe into a bottle in water and it measured your lung capacity. We had to make sure we did it properly otherwise we wouldn’t get good results” – By Rosie.

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