Starfish Malawi


We travelled from East Hoathly to Malawi!

It took us 12 weeks to make the 6,555 mile journey virtually from East Hoathly to Malawi! As of Tuesday 30th March, we have travelled 6,862 miles! Well done to everyone for taking part and getting active!

Malawi School Link

We are so happy to announce our link school in Malawi! We would like to introduce you to…

Mikute LEA School

“Mikute LEA School was established in 1964 under the Local Authority. Our school is in Mikute I Village—it is 7 km away from the lake and 15 km from the Salima district centre.

Our school used to have a very large catchment area until recently when another school was introduced 5 km away. This has dropped the numbers of learners to 1,975! Of those learners, 986 are boys and 989 are girls.

The age range of our school is 6-16. This is so due to starting school at a later age or resulting from pupils repeating classes. Our school has 30 teachers; 6 are male teachers while 24 are female.

We used to have high dropout rates in pupils because the lake is so close, pupils tend to go fishing. As fish numbers in the lake are decreasing, many people do not get what they expected. There used to be early marriages in girls after they reached adolescent stages. Parents used to get their children in homes of other civil servants as soldiers who are very close to our school catchment. By introducing mother groups in schools as well as other organisations engaging talks with the communities, it has resulted in reducing dropouts.

Since the start of the COVID 19 pandemic, our school has been managed in streams and shifts to decongest high numbers of learners in classes.
As a school we are trying our best to follow best practices that will help both teachers and learners to wash hands and use face masks during classes. We have football and netball teams that are currently not allowed to play due to preventive measures for Covid-19 that were set by government. This also applies to all extra curricular activities in school.

We look forward to a partnership that will enhance teaching and learning in our schools!”