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Parent Forum Minutes

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New Curriculum Focus

The Pioneer curriculum is based around the 3 Is – Intent, Implementation and Impact. The overview of topics taught (Intent) is in line with the national curriculum and is designed to offer children a varied and broad range of learning experiences throughout a 2 year cycle of topics.

The skills delivered (Implementation) focus on what the children will be able to ‘do’ following the delivery of each unit of work under each curriculum subject area.

The knowledge gained (Impact) focus on what the children will know following the delivery of each unit of work.

Explanation about how each new topic will be discussed with the children, in terms of identifying areas that they would particularly like to focus on, prior to the lessons being planned. Each topic will also be reviewed and evaluated by the children to ensure tweaks are made as required for future cohorts.

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Y2 & Y6 SATs

Example papers were shared with all. These can be found at:


Timetable of papers shared

13th May English grammar, punctuation and spelling papers 1 and 2
14th May English reading
15th May Mathematics papers 1 and 2
16th May Mathematics paper 3

Arrangements for Children

  • SATs week breakfast available each morning to settle them in
  • Most papers will begin at 9.30/9.45am to give children chance to settle in
  • Access arrangements are available for children:
  • School leaders will apply for extra time in advance for children should they need it
  • Scribe or transcription can be provided for children who’s handwriting it likely to be tricky to read
  • Readers are available, children will need to ask staff to read questions to them
  • Rest breaks are available throughout each test, should the child require them.
  • Most children will sit the papers in the hall – they have got used to this following regular     practice.

Writing Assessment

  • Not ‘tested’ in the same way
  • Teachers make a judgement based on child’s writing from across the curriculum
  • This is moderated within the local authority


  • There is no ‘timetable’ for testing, but they must be completed within the month of May.
  • Papers support the teacher’s assessment of children’s classroom work
  • Children complete independently, in small groups or 1:1 with the teacher
  • Children won’t be told they are taking a test – just that they are going to do a special activity with the teacher.
  • All children will be given the opportunity to complete each paper.
  • There is no time limit for the tests to be completed.
  • The question can be read to them during the maths paper.

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Wellbeing and Mental Health

Miss Denney discussed the importance of wellbeing and mental health within school and shared the key priorities for pupils, staff and the school community.

Strategies such as the use of Bubble Time in the classrooms, Thrive, Playground Pals and buddy systems were shared and a suggestion from a parent was made to include a bubble time book so children who didn’t feel like verbalising their feelings could write or draw these.

Over the coming terms, we will be exploring this in more detail so please look out for information.

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Upcoming Parent Forums

13th March 2019 Homework, Year 2 and 6 SATs focus
30th April 2019 Homework and Thrive
12th June 2019 Homework, SDP review and SDP next year

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Times Tables Rockstars

Thank you to those who were able to make it to the Parent Forum on Wednesday morning and particular thanks to Mr Chris Forsey (Parent Governor) for attending and introducing himself to East Hoathly Parents.

This meeting, we focussed on the new timestables homework system that has been set up – Times Table Rockstars.

Your child practises their timestables to win coins which enables them to buy new accessories for their Rockstar Avatar.

Their homepage will tell you which tables the teacher has asked your child to practise

and you can track their progress in the ‘Stats’ area which tells you how your child is getting on in each of their tables and how quickly they are able to answer the questions.

Please do logon with your child and explore all that the facility has to offer. You can download the app or logon to the website.

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13th March 2018

On Tuesday 13th March, Mr Procter led a Parent Forum in the Learning Zone. The following items were discussed:

The Homework Policy — the updates (Mathletics weeks, Homelearning projects) were highlighted to parents and you can also find the policy on the website.

An issue around the Mathletics certificates was raised. We are going to ensure all certificates are printed each week for assembly. Also, some parents said that spelling tests were not always consistently applied each week. Staff have been made aware.

Anti-bullying — information was shared about the Anti-bullying week, Quality Mark and Policy. Parents said they felt they now had more awareness on the subject than before.

SATs — Year 6 SATs week is from 14th to 17th May and Miss Purcell will be sending out an information sheet nearer to the time.

The next Parent Forum on the 2nd May will focus on Thrive and Mindfulness.

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