Comic Relief

This year, the theme was ‘Funny is Power’ and the children (and staff!) enjoyed this opportunity to dress up as superheroes—or a person they perceived to be a superhero!

In celebration assembly this morning, the children talked about why we take part in Comic Relief and why it is good to take part. The children really understood that the reason we do all of this and the reason we raise money is to help those less fortunate than us. Everyone took a moment to reflect upon how life can be unfair for lots of people but how lucky we are to be in a position to be able to help those people. So far, we have managed to raise an incredible £334!

Some children also took part in a talent contest in front of an audience! With a range of singing, instrument playing and comedy acts scheduled, it is definitely going to be the highlight of the day!

The children also had an opportunity to submit a funny Red Nose design in exchange for a surprise! Their art work is going to be judged by a panel (the Pupil Governors). Abbie from Owl Class said that she had been preparing for the role by watching a lot of Simon Cowell clips on YouTube!

A Superhero-themed celebration assembly today for Comic Relief! We talked all about why Comic Relief exists and why we support the charity. Children in Fox class knew that Comic Relief helps people, not only in the UK but around the world too. Today’s celebrations included 2 fantastic Head Teacher’s awards for Max and Corey – both children were brilliant at explaining why they had received their award and the learning that had taken place – well done! Unfortunately, we couldn’t see Owls class today (good old technology!) but we enjoyed celebrating Sophia as their Diner of the Week for being awesome at showing Love to her friends at lunchtime. We also celebrated Kitty as Diner of the Week in our other bubble too as she has shown wonderful Wisdom by making excellent choices. Great job everyone – another really successful week of learning!