Enrichment Morning

Earlier last week, the children had a range of activities to choose from that they normally would not do in school. There was Chinese, cooking, Christmas crafts, hair design, orienteering, acting and recorders.

On Friday 14th December, the children all took part in their chosen activities and it was great to see the children all enjoying themselves.

Freya in Year 3 said “We are having fun styling hair with plaits. I like practising styles on people.”

In Chinese, Emilia in Year 6 showed off her new chopsticks skills that she learnt from Freddy Fry’s Mum. “We learnt how to say hello in Chinese, which is Ni Hao and we have tried some food. I learnt that Chinese symbols were made from people looking at animals.”

Louie in Year 3 said “We have been making beaded candy canes and painting tree decorations. My favourite part was designing Christmas pictures.”

Hector in Year 4 took part in the orienteering. “We used flags to find letters to make a sentence. The best part was trying to find all of the different flags.”

In acting, Darcey in Year 1 said “I have been acting ‘The Night Before Christmas’. We all turned into the sugar plum fairy, which was my favourite part and then we danced.”

Sophia in Year 3 chose to play the recorder with Governor, Juliet Stirrat. “I’ve learnt how to play Hot Cross Buns on the recorder and the best bit was practising the notes.”

Matthew in Year 5 took part in the cooking activity. “We had ingredients to make fruity muffins. The mixing part was the best bit because it was messy!”

Thank you to Juliet and Mrs Fry for volunteering their time.