Enrichment Morning

On Friday 15th, the children had a range of activities to choose from that they normally
would not do in school. There was keyring making, drama, lego, cake decorating, modrock
modelling and fabric collage.

Lola in Year 4, chose to take part in the fabric collage activity. She said “it’s a nice day
and I think making a collage is fun.” Matilda in Year 5, agreed saying “I love how we used
all the different materials and styles to make the collage. I liked the pom poms and my
favourite material was the glittery felt. I learnt that mixing the different materials in
the collage creates a really nice effect.”

In drama, George in Year 6, had fun doing improv scenes. “Our characters we from Emojitown
and I was the sad emoji. We acted that we got on the wrong plane, so I jumped off!”
Jake in Year 1, really enjoyed acting “My character was Harry Potter!”

Saffron in Year 6, took part in the modrock modelling activity. “We got a coathanger and
bent it into the shape on an animal, like a skeleton. We then added material to it before
adding modrock to make the model.” Scarlett in Reception, said “It’s really fun and I like
it because it’s messy!”

India in Year 3, chose cake decorating. Not only did she decorated some cakes and
biscuits, India picked up a new skill. “I learnt how to write with icing, there’s a trick to
make the icing stop; you need to stop squeezing the tube and then press down.” Maisy in
Year 1, really enjoyed designing ideas for her cake decorating.

Jack in Year 3, had a go at making keyrings. “I really liked designing my picture for my
keyring.” The children also had Scooby strings as a part of their keyring, which Darcey in
Year 1, enjoyed. “It’s really tricky to make the scoobies, but I had a lot of fun.”

Freddy and Oscar in Reception, had a great time during the Lego activity. “We were
building towers from Lego, then we put them together to make a really big tower.”
Matthew in Year 5, explained that there were different challenges for the children to
complete. “One of the challenges was to build a lego tower with only one hand. Toby and I
got really competitive. Toby got 25 bricks and I got 21.”

Thank you to all of the adults that help make these fabulous activities possible! Thank you
to Miss Dudeney for coming over from Chiddingly to lead the modrock activity.
It has been a really successful enrichment morning, we are already looking forward to the
next one!

If you have any activities or skills that you would like to share with the children for the
next enrichment morning, please contact the school office.

Alternatively, if you would like to help out in the mornings, please speak to your child’s teacher.