Enrichment Morning

Earlier this term, the children had a range of activities to choose from that they normally would not do in school. There was sewing, gardening, cooking, cheerleading, art and rugby.

On Friday, the children all took part in their chosen activities and it was great to see the children all enjoying themselves.

Poppy in Year 5 said “Gardening was fun because we got to use tools, like cutters and we got to weed the garden.”

In sewing, Holly Z in Year 4 made a blue monster with three eyes. “I sewed on buttons and felt to make the face.”

Ben in Year 2 said “Rugby was fun, Mr Procter taught me new skills”, Matilda in Year 5 agreed,         commenting “I learnt how to pass backwards and to communicate with my team to find space.”

Maxym in Year 4 took part in the cooking activity. “We made healthy, fruity muffins. I had fun grating the carrots.”

Abbie in Year 4 said “Today, cheerleading was fun. I had a good time with my friends and I am glad they convinced me to take part.”

In Art, Ruby in Year 6 had a go at ‘blind drawing’. “It basically means you need to    focus on the object you are drawing and not look at the paper. I really enjoyed it.”

The children all had a fantastic day. Thank you to all of the adults who shared their       skills and interests. It was such a successful day and the staff are already looking        forward to organising the next Enrichment morning.