Forest School Update 7th February

Year 1 and 2 have been doing forest school this term with Mrs Smith. They have had the most amazing time, and have got extremely muddy at times! During their time in the woods they have been making dens, playing in what they called a dinosaur toilet and exploring all things nature. There learning during their time in the woods has been great linking to their topic plants, with Dennis in Year 1 saying ‘I have found a root’ and Delilah Rose in Year 1 clearing leaves to discover new stems coming through, we think they might be bluebells!

Though they have also linked their learning in the forest to their English work Max M in Year 2 wrote:

“Once there was a mole who went on a food hunt. He first went to holey berries. Next he went on a twig, a rasbre-leef and he also ate blackberries and pomegranate seeds. The he went pop and anuver mole then the same thing happended!”

Thank you so much to the adult helpers who have with us to forest school in all weathers, without you this amazing learning would not have been possible!