Healthy Living Week

This week has been Healthy Living week (31st October- 4th November) the children have been involved in activities between both schools to raise awareness of how to stay fit and healthy. This has included exploring healthy eating, healthy bodies and hygiene. On Tuesday 1st of November we had the ‘Skip 2 B fit’ company visiting our school. On Wednesday 2nd November the children used their own toothbrush and a disclosing tablet to find out how to make sure they clean the different areas of their teeth. Mrs Tarry visited Reception and Years 5 and 6 to talk about keeping teeth clean. Mrs Rattray visited Year 1/2 and 3/4 and talked about her role as a GP. She shared some the equipment she uses, talked to the children about red and white blood cells, explained some of the different illnesses people get and some of the special words she uses (like „suture‟ rather than „stitches‟). Thank you to both parents for coming in. The children learnt a great deal.