Hedgehogs’ Hastings Trip

On Tuesday, the Hedgehogs went on a very exciting minibus journey, for their very first East Hoathly trip, all the way to Hastings to visit the aquarium as a part of their topic.

The children explored the aquarium, finding lots of different undersea animals – Charlie’s favourite was the octopus!

The weather held out for the Hedgehogs and they were able to have a dry—if very windy—picnic lunch on the beach. The children enjoyed their lunch looking out to the sea and managed to keep hold of their hats on the beach!

After lunch, the children visited the RNLI Lifeboat Centre, where a man called Andy showed the Hedgehogs all of the different boats they have and they even got to see a bulldozer!

Weary after their day of exploring, the Hedgehogs were so happy to jump on board for a bonus trip on the train to get the all-important ice cream!
Thank you so much to the FPTA and to the parent helpers who enabled this trip to go ahead. The children loved their day out!