Our Values stories – where do our values come from and how can we use the Bible to help us to understand how these should shape our choices?

Luke 10.25-37
The Parable of the Good Samaritan

An illustration by Jesus about what love for others looks like with an instruction to 'be like' the Samaritan

Ruth 1.1 - 4.22
The story of Ruth

Ruth showed great strength of character in supporting her aged mother-in-law: leaving her own people; making the promise 'your people will be my people and your God will be my God' and then working as a gleaner in the fields to ensure they both survived. She was 'rewarded' by marriage, a family, and being an ancestor of Jesus.

1Kings 3.1-15
Solomon asks God for Wisdom

Solomon asked for wisdom and not riches and honour - because he did not ask for them he is given riches and honour as well as wisdom.

Luke 1.26-56
The Annunciation

The Angel brought a 'true' message to Mary - the events promised came to pass. A deeper 'truth' is announced - The Son of God coming into the world [who was the 'Way the Truth and the Life' John 14] Mary believed in this truth and lived her life accordingly