Owls’ Patina

On Friday 2nd July, the Year 5 and 6 children of Owl Class took part in the Moving On Patina Parade in Lewes.

Every year, the parade is held as a ‘right of passage’ for the children leaving Primary School that year. Due to the restrictions lifting slightly this year, the parade was able to go ahead.

Over the past few weeks, artists and parent helpers have been popping into school to help the children create amazing structures for the parade from willow. What started out as a few sticks and tissue paper soon turned into a work of art!

This year’s theme was a woodland theme and the children were excited to find out that their animal was a fox!

The Owls created a headpiece, a tail and wristbands in the style of a fox and they also created a branch to go onto the Patina Wish Tree. The branch was decorated with the children’s wishes for the future.

Thank you to the parents who used their time to come in and help the Owls with their structures!

Thank you to the parents who ferried the children to and from the Patina Parade!

Thank you to the artists for their time and expertise!

Thank you and well done to Owl Class, who pledged to do chores around the house, in order to raise money for Patina. You raised an impressive total of £190! Incredible!