PALs Assembly

On Monday 1st April, the children took part in a Progress and Learning, Sharing assembly with a focus on the Christian Value of compassion.

The children shared their work with one another to comment on the Growth Mindset and progress within their work.

Charlie said, “Oscar (Year R) has improved in his maths and knows his odd numbers.”

Sophia said, “Alexandra has got better at her timetables.”

Robert said, “Malakai has improved the types of words he is using.”

Lotte said, “Beatrice has moved from going on the warm challenge and at the end of her book she is working on the spicy challenge.”

Destiny said, “Willow has improved her sentence writing and her drawings have improved.”

Lexi said, “Poppy has got better at solving multiplication problems.”

The children also asked one another how they have used compassion within their lives.

Ruby-Jean described compassion as meaning “reassuring people it will be okay.”

“It means being kind to others.” said Tom.

Sophia describes compassion as “sometimes putting others before yourself.”

Esther shared a time she displayed compassion in school. “I cheered Oscar up when he was feeling sad.”

What a great assembly it was! It was lovely to hear so many positive comments and see such high quality work being shared!

Well done, East Hoathly!