PALs Assembly

On Thursday, all children from East Hoathly gathered for a PALs assembly in the church. They took their work books, sat next to a learning partner from a different year group and shared pieces of learning they were really proud of.

Darcy reflected on her work from the start of the year, “At the start of my book, it wasn’t  neat but towards the end I have worked really hard to improve that.”

Delilah in Year 2 said “my answers have longer and more information.”

Sara in Year 2 and Alfie in Year 5 were looking through Alfie’s topic book and Sara commented “I like Alife’s Australian picture because of the colours and patterns.”

Alongside sharing work, the children also discussed the term’s collective worship theme; justice.

Holly L in Year 5 talked about how justice can link to Fairtrade. “We learn about fairtrade and how it means items are fairly sourced.”

Charlie in Year 2 spoke about how he can show justice when playing football with his friends. “I can show justice by making sure the teams are fair.”