PALs Assembly

This term, we held our PALs assembly in our classrooms.

The children sat together to share the work they had done over the term and commented on what they felt they had achieved and what their friends had achieved.

Molly in Squirrel Class said “I’ve got better at my drawings!”

Kallie said “I’m better at finding lots of bits and bobs to help me with my 2x tables!”

When looking at Emily’s book, Lily said “Emily has made progress in art as she has used different colours, materials and shapes.”

In Fox Class, Beatrice flicked through her topic book and said “I am proud of my Mayan God because I put a lot of effort into writing and drawing it!”

Hugo C said “I’m proud of my fact-file about the Harpy Eagle as I wrote a really fascinating introduction!”

When sharing his fact-file about jaguars, Samuel said “I am proud of my fact-file because I am very interested in the creatures of the Amazonian rainforest!”

That’s a lot of great work, children! Well done!