PALs Assembly

This week, the children took part in a PALs assembly to discuss the progress they thought they had made this term.

The Hedgehogs and Owls had their PALs session together and had great fun looking through each others’ books. When looking through Chloe’s book, Lyra commented that “Chloe has worked really hard on her handwriting size and all of her letters are the right way around.”

In Squirrel Class, Kallie flicked through her topic book and spoke about how her truck research helped her to design her own one for DT. Alex said “I didn’t know how to plant a flower before, but now I do. They need sunlight and water to grow.”

As the children looked through their topic books in Fox Class, Alexandra said “I liked writing about my Goddess as I got my pen licence for this work!” and Kitty commented “I liked my pottery design because it was satisfying to do.”

There is some fantastic examples of great progress this term! Well done everybody!