PALs Assembly

On Thursday the 24th May, the entire school came together to celebrate the learning they had done over the past two terms. Each child was paired with another from a different year group and they had the opportunity to show each other their work and talk about what they had learnt.

Sid,in Year 6 shared with Darcey in Reception that he had been learning about inverted commas and where to use them. Darcey showed Sid the work she did when she made a puppet of how Jesus gave back a man’s sight.

Lucas in Year 1 showed Charlie from Year 5 that he had been learning about explorers by showing off his drawings of penguins, killer whales and seagulls. Charlie showed Lucas the great work he had been doing in maths and that he had been learning about adding and subtracting decimal numbers.

Alongside showing off their work, the children discussed the theme, which this term was friendship. The children discussed what it meant to be a good friend. Tom in Year 5 said to be a good friend you need to “help them and make them feel confident”. Ruby in Year 5 said “if they doubt themselves, tell them they will be great,” and Leo in Year 6 said “if they are upset, help them and build up trust.”

The children were then asked if they could discuss times that they—or their partner— had been good friends. It was great to see that everyone had something to share! Coen in Year 6 said “Max helps Lorenzo and Archie feel better if they are sad.” Catherine in Year 1 said that “George encourages his friends.” Tyler in Year 6 said that “Malakai is friendly to others.”