Physical Wellbeing Day

Last Thursday we held our Science and Wellbeing Day. Throughout the day the children took part in a variety of activities to investigate about their bodies and how to stay fit!

At the start of the day the children enjoyed taking part in sports activities and even beat some members of staff at table tennis! The whole school then joined Miss Denney in the playground in a whole school aerobics and Zumba session! (Look on the website for a video of the school aerobic session which will be put up next week! Can you find yourself?)

After lunch every class took part in a yoga session!

“I liked doing yoga because it keeps you calm and relaxed and helps you think!” – George Year 3.

The infants spent the day looking at what happens to their bodies when they exercise and naming parts of their bodies and finding out how they work.

Year 3 and 4 starting the day by finding out about what their hearts do and their pulse rate. They then set up experiments to test their pulse rate during different activities and plotted their results on a graph.

“I found our heart beats about 80 times per minute and it gets faster when we exercise!” – Emilia Year 3.

Year 5 and 6 were investigating their lung capacity and how it changes.

“We did this really cool experiment where we had to breathe into a bottle in water and it measured your lung capacity. We had to make sure we did it properly otherwise we wouldn’t get good results” – By Rosie.