Progress and Learning Assembly

On Thursday 8th February we had PALS Assembly. This is where we do two things: review the theme of this term which was “Courage” and share our books and learning with children from other classes.


Miss Lewis asked us about how we have shown courage this term. This is our worship theme where we have learnt about Bible stories that teach us about courage.

Here are some quotes from the children

“Courage means being brave in your school work.” -Oscar

Courage involves facing challenges.

“I face a challenge of doing crate stacking on our school trip.” -Abbie

“I faced the dark cave.” -Summer

“I did a reading assessment this term. I showed courage to complete it!”

Courage means overcoming fears

“Improving your work and going for higher challenges shows courage.” -Leo

“I will be brave when I hurt myself.” -Lorenzo

“In my school work I will be courageous and keep going, not giving up.” -Holly Z

Sharing Our Books

Older children paired up with younger children in the school to share learning.

This term we shared our RE Books and another book of our choice.

“James can add more detail to describe different pictures of Jesus doing kind things and adding detail.” -Oscar

“Florence has written about the 3 Kings and has added lots of detail. I can see an improvement in Florence’s work and writing over the term.” -Charlie

“There was a big whale that ate Jonah! I learnt about him!” -Max M