Safer Internet Morning

On Wednesday morning, Years 1 to 6 were visited by a company called ‘Perform for Schools’, who held interactive workshops for the children so they could learn about ways to stay safe online.

To learn about cyber-bullying and what it might look like, the children took part in and  enjoyed a range of drama activities, such as freeze frames and role-play and they learnt a rap about how to ‘Zip It, Block It, Flag It’!

Abigail in Year 4 said “We learnt about how to be really safe when we’re online and that if something bad happens, we can talk it over with our parents to sort it out. I really enjoyed when we split into groups to act it all out.”

Overall, it was an extremely successful morning and the children had great fun about learning how to be safe online! Thank you so much for the donations that have enabled the children to part in this workshop and thank you to the FPTA for also donating towards the morning’s events.