School Vision and Values

On Thursday morning, we had some special lessons in our classrooms. We learnt all about our new school vision and values and heard some stories from the Bible which helped us to understand the values in more detail.

Nursery and Hedgehogs Classes were learning about the value of Love. They read the story of The Good Samaritan. Corey told us that in the story, God teaches us to love our neighbour and that ‘neighbour’ means everybody. Edith told us that ‘the Good Samaritan man showed love, care and kindness’ in the story.

Squirrels class were learning about Truth. They read the story of the Annunciation which is when the Angel came to visit Mary to tell her she was going to have a baby and he would be the son of God. Oscar told us that this story showed truth in action because what the Angel had said came true. We talked about how Jesus teaches about truth throughout the Bible and that his birth is the beginning of his time on Earth.

Foxes class were learning about Wisdom through the story of Solomon. Beatrice told us that Solomon’s people benefitted from his wisdom as he spread joy and peace by sharing God’s word. Beatrice also told us that Catherine had shown and shared her Wisdom because she had helped children in the class with their times tables.

Owls class learned about the value of Strength through the story of Ruth. They used drama to explore the story and then reflected on how they have shown strength and resilience in different areas of their own lives.

We all learnt that by using our values in different areas of our lives, we can follow the teaching of God and make good choices.
We finished our morning by coming together to share our learning and hearing our new vision song for the first time! Here are the words: