Sports Day

The children have had a very exciting Sport’s Day this year and were very happy to take part in one together!

On Friday, we braved the wind and held our sports day. Each bubble completed 5 different race stations testing different skills. The wind helped the javelins go that extra mile, and made the egg and spoon race a real challenge!

Children were super speedy at collecting the bean bags and completing the hurdles and sack races.

Our final event was the class flat races across the field and (of course) the staff had their race too!

After running around in the wind all morning, the children were then able to enjoy a picnic lunch in the shelter of their classrooms.

We ended our fantastic day with an ice cream treat from the FPTA. Thank you, it was lovely, even on a chilly day!

A big thank you to Archie for helping the adults score and starting our flat races with a big “ Ready, Set, Go!”

Well done to all the children to taking part and supporting each other throughout. It is great to see the school values of love and strength being used in such a supportive way!