Towner Art Work to be shown at Eastbourne Carnival in May!

On Thursday 15th May 2017 John from the Towner Art Gallery came in to lead art workshops with Year 1/2 and Year 3/4 classes. Year 1/2 made jester masks using cross hatching technique to colour in and make them bright and colourful. Year 3/4 decorated umbrellas and used drawing and cutting techniques. Children from East Hoathly School will be invited to come along to Eastbourne Carnival and Parade with their art work. Further information about this will be shared in a letter soon. The children had a great time developing their artistic skills to create their pieces. Lotte said “Jessica was very creative in making her mask and had some great ideas for her jester mask.” It was really great to have a visiting artist share his ideas and skills. It was a very active session and the children were taken through the process step by step.