Wellbeing Day


We have been thinking about ‘wellbeing’.

We learnt in an emergency you call 999. We also explored first aid, and made our own doctors roleplay area. We explored feelings and emotions and thought about the ‘Zones of Regulation’, making our own feelings cards and thinking about what events make us feel.

Star Fish Malawi Project

We thought about the importance of handwashing, and watched some videos about Malawi where they are working hard to have running water to do this.

We talked about why it is important to wash our hands and did a hand washing yoga story!


On Wellbeing day Squirrel class did some first aid. Jacob S said ‘I put a bandage onto my friend’ and Harry said ‘I like to put a sling onto my friend’.
Also, we learnt about the importance of handwashing. Lily said ‘if we do not wash our hands we might spread germs and make people sick’. Also, we learnt about the Zones of regulation. Ralph said ‘If I am happy, I would be in the green zone’.


Foxes class had a busy wellbeing day. First, we made a ‘which zone are you in?’ chart to help the children be more aware of their feelings. If they were not feeling so good, they could think about anything that might get them back to a happy place. Next, the children learnt about first aid and what to do in an emergency. Miss Roberts showed the class how to make a sling and how to bandage a head injury. Lastly, we looked at how a charity called Starfish Malawi ensures people have access to clean water. We also learnt about how they are promoting the importance of washing your hands properly. The children designed a poster for Wash Your Hands Day to promote this message.


Owls class learnt some basic first aid, including what to do if someone has possibly broken their arm, what to do if someone bumps their head and what to do if someone gets a cut or graze.

They explored the zones of regulation and different feelings they experience in school, learnt about the importance of handwashing around the world and thought of tips to help them with wellbeing.