Wellbeing Day

We held a ‘Wellbeing Day’, which involved a variety of activities and learning about the brain, how we react in different situations and how we can explore our mental health.

During the morning, Mrs Leahy from Chiddingly and St Mary’s led an assembly about the different parts of our brain and linked them to animals to help us think about their reactions. In the afternoon, each class had a visit from Jason Rhodes an author who wrote the Mindfulness Book ‘Imagine Eating Lemons’.


Reception made their own model of their animal brains, using hand prints and animal stickers.

They then explored colours linked to different emotions. Jacob suggested calm could be a blue colour, like water.

Year 1 & 2

Year 1 and 2 did some Lego therapy, played Jenga with emotions and made hands of support thinking about the people who give us support. They also talked about the characters from Winnie the Pooh and their personalities.

Year 3 & 4

Year 3 and 4 learnt about different parts of the human brain: the thinking brain; the emotional brain and the instinctive brain. They also reflected on how they  feel a range of emotions in their day to day lives. They produced some thoughtful pictures called ‘Hand of Support’, where they drew around their hand on paper and on each  finger, wrote a name of someone who has supported them.

Year 5 & 6

After the Thrive assembly, Year 5 and 6 read the story ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ and discussed the different emotions in the story and how they linked to colours. The children then linked their own emotions to different colours and designed and created their own versions of the crayons.