Y2 & Y6 SATs

Example papers were shared with all. These can be found at:


Timetable of papers shared

13th May English grammar, punctuation and spelling papers 1 and 2
14th May English reading
15th May Mathematics papers 1 and 2
16th May Mathematics paper 3

Arrangements for Children

  • SATs week breakfast available each morning to settle them in
  • Most papers will begin at 9.30/9.45am to give children chance to settle in
  • Access arrangements are available for children:
  • School leaders will apply for extra time in advance for children should they need it
  • Scribe or transcription can be provided for children who’s handwriting it likely to be tricky to read
  • Readers are available, children will need to ask staff to read questions to them
  • Rest breaks are available throughout each test, should the child require them.
  • Most children will sit the papers in the hall – they have got used to this following regular     practice.

Writing Assessment

  • Not ‘tested’ in the same way
  • Teachers make a judgement based on child’s writing from across the curriculum
  • This is moderated within the local authority


  • There is no ‘timetable’ for testing, but they must be completed within the month of May.
  • Papers support the teacher’s assessment of children’s classroom work
  • Children complete independently, in small groups or 1:1 with the teacher
  • Children won’t be told they are taking a test – just that they are going to do a special activity with the teacher.
  • All children will be given the opportunity to complete each paper.
  • There is no time limit for the tests to be completed.
  • The question can be read to them during the maths paper.