Year 3 & 4 Tennis Competition

On Wednesday the 6th June, 8 children from Year 3 and 4 went over to Gildridge Park for the Area Finals of the Road to Eastbourne Tennis Competition. They competed in many different tennis activities in the first part of the afternoon against other schools scoring points for East Hoathly.

As the afternoon progressed, some children were chosen to play small sided games against different children from other schools. After all of the games had been played, the points were added up together and the winners revealed.

This is such an amazing achievement for the school as they manged to finish second! All the children were brilliant, had great sportsmanship and were a huge credit to the school. We are so proud of what they have managed to achieve in the last two competitions! Hopefully next year they can go one step further! Congratulations and well done for representing East Hoathly in such a brilliant manner!