Year 3 and 4 Greek Day

On Monday 24th June, Year 3 and 4 travelled over to Chiddingly dressed up as Greeks to work with their Federation counterparts for a whole day of 'Hands on History'.

In mixed school groups, the children rotated around three brilliant activities which gave them the opportunity to show off what they already knew, and build on their understanding of how the Ancient Greeks lived.

It's safe to say that the shield and sword activity outside was a firm favourite - although not so much for the adults who got chased around by an angry mob of Spartan warriors! The children also got the chance to see some artefacts up close, compared Greek and Roman Gods and tried out some Ancient Greek writing. They also spent some time learning about life at home and the Ancient Greek's rather 'original' approach to medicine!

It was so lovely to have all three schools together - with the staff and parent helpers sometimes finding it difficult to know which child was from which school as they all mixed together so well! A huge thank you to our parent helpers and to all the parents for their efforts in the costumes; the children looked so fantastic and it really added to our day!