Year 3/4 Newsletter Term 6 – Romans


Dear Parents,

I hope you had a lovely half term break. This term, we will be continuing our topic in Romans by learning about Pompeii, what the Romans did for us and comparing how Romans lived to our own lives. We are also going on a trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace and details will follow shortly. Please ensure that you send the reply slip back as soon as possible.


Reading Please read with your child regularly, even if it is just one page. Their books and book bags will need to be in everyday for 1:1 reading. You may like to add a positive or helpful comment in the reading diary but please acknowledge the fact that the book has been read by signing and dating in the comments book. A member of staff will be checking reading records on a Wednesday and children are expected to have read at least 3 times a week with an adult.
Spellings This term, we will continue to send out spelling investigations that will encourage the children to look at different patterns which link to their learning within the classroom.
Maths Our focus this term is mental maths and applying it in different questions. The children will have a set of questions which will test their knowledge of calculations and mathematical vocabulary.
We will also be focusing on learning our times tables. On the Pioneer website are ‘Singing Tables’ which we will be using to help us remember the pattern of each times table. Please do have a look and learn them at home with your child.

Helping to enrich our topics

It has been really great to have books from home that relate to our topic so if anyone has any experience or items that may help us with any of the work above that we could hear about or borrow, they would be gratefully received.


Please can you make sure your child brings in a water bottle each day with fresh water; ensure all jumpers are labelled and bring a coat for the wet weather.

The last swimming is on 24th June, thanks you to all the parents who have helped at swimming and with lifts, it is greatly appreciated!

Trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace

Monday 4th July. This trip will be used to consolidate the children’s learning about Romans. They will have practical activities and opportunities to take part in workshops about how Romans used to live.

Home Learning

We are continuing to look at how Romans used to live and comparing this to our own lives. Can you find out some interesting facts about the Romans and present it in a creative way? You could use some of the websites below to help you.

For example: A PowerPoint about the fashion of the Romans, the sports they enjoyed, the food they ate or the daily life of a child your age.

Many thanks for your continued support
Mrs Mackarness

Reading at school and at home

Reading strategies the children use in school and can be referred to at home:

I could sound out the word


I can miss out the word. Then I could read on to the end of a sentence and then go back and check what would make sense.


I look for smaller words in words.


I talk through my ideas, thoughts and feelings about what I am reading so I understand it.


When I read I imagine what is happening and create a picture in my mind.


I use the pictures to help me.